Thursday, March 09, 2006

10 Men I Drool Over Everyday...

This is the 10 list of men I drool over every single day...

  1. Michel Brown (his eyes is so damn mesmerizing!)
  2. Orlando Bloom (he is just so sweet)
  3. Lee Min-woo (he melts my heart...)
  4. Johnny Depp (an all time fave)
  5. Takuya Kimura (what can I say...I just love him)
  6. Calvin Morissey (okay,so he's a non-existent human being...but i really think that every girls deserves a Cal Morissey because he is damn charming!agree,wani?)
  7. Hugh Jackman (he has sexy accent and I love Wolverine, a lot!!)
  8. George Clooney (ahhhh....Georgie dear...)
  9. Richard Gere (who could ever forget 'Pretty Woman'?)
  10. Daniel Wu


  1. ok, who the fuck is michel brown???
    cal? oh yeah, he is charming, tapi sedar la lelaki tu tak wujud kat dunia ni.
    di manakah ...paderi korea tu? bkn ke suka dia gak??

  2. michel brown is dat guy in the suit who's pointing his finger at u...he's one of the heroes in my fave telenovela...if u cud remember the guy name franco?

  3. aiyah, i must've drink too much air masuk semut punye. which telenovela?

  4. telenovela kat astro tu...
    pasion de gavilanes, yg pasal 3 beradik tu...rememba?


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