Friday, May 26, 2006


when i was a kid (a loooongg time ago), i am always curious about other-worldly-thing. simply put, ghosts. i dunno how to put this, but i've been seeing 'things' since i was a lil girl. so, i guess i must believe in the whole hantu stuff. there was this one 'incident' occured in 1995 that had me spooked for quiet some times...
  • it was in december '95. i remember the date bcoz one of my beloved uncles passed away on that very day due to cancer. it was friday. he passed away in the afternoon, after friday prayer. i was a kid at that time (11 to be exact). we (my 6 sis, bro n i) were left in a distant relatives' house along with my cousins. the house was situated in a sugarcane estate (err...or plantation?) and by nightfall, it was really dark. the atmosphere was... normal, if i could say so. i mean, we were kids at that time. a cousin (a year older than me) and me was the only one who was in a somber mood. furthermore, we have to take care of those lil brats (hehehe...). joke aside, it was a really cold that night. i got a bit lemas being inside the house, whats with the people and the crying and screaming of the kiddies. so i went outside to the front patio. it was pitch black outside. no moon, not even a single star twinkling. nvm. then, suddenly, i felt kinda weird... like someone is watching me. the hair at the back of my neck stood and i felt this sudden chill in my bone. "uh oh..." i thought. so i turned around. "WHAT THE...!??" i was looking at the back of the house, at a banana tree. on the very top of the tree, a white figure stood erect. ON THE TOP OF THE TREE. WHITE FIGURE. i must be imagining things! no way!! i just stare at that bloody thing until my vision became blurry, until i realized that my heart was pounding so hard. i have to show this to someone! so, without moving one inch, i called my sis."kak ngah, kak ngah! sini ar! cepat!!" and voila, she appeared beside me. "knape?" she asked. i pointed my finger to the... thing. she looked... and went white immediately. she gripped my arm so hard that i thought it would came off. not a single word or sound came from her mouth. then, i called one of my cousins. "suriany, suriany! sini jap...". she came to me with smiles on her face. "nape kak long?" she asked. again, i pointed at the same direction and like my sis, she went white. and so the three of us stood there, frozen, staring at that...err... thing. my brain registered this: tall white figure, long hair, face hidden, no feet. 3 people. 6 pair of eyes. no way i am imagining things. what do you think?

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