Tuesday, May 30, 2006

let smiles be upon your pretty faces...

lately, I found so little reason to smile and it makes me wonder; why? is it because of the workload?

*oh, c'mon! who am I kidding here? working? blogging? teehee...*

well, doesn't matter what the reasons are. the point is this: smile and the world will smile upon you. I so want to believe in that. and I do believe. smiles make the world seems so much bearable. it should be the universal language.
here are the little things in my life that makes me beam nowadays (now that I realized I smile way too little):
  1. reading en. saiful's e-mails and testimonials on my friendster page. he must be the best lecturer I ever had in my whole Uni's life.
  2. watching my kid bro playing with my cousin. ahhh... the innocence of a child...
  3. watching teen titans on cartoon network. the characters are so cute! (so what if I'm 21?? there's no legal age to watch cartoon laa!)
  4. the look on my boss's face yesterday when I 'terjeling' him. it was unintended, honest! but it was dead funny I tell you. never had anybody 'jeling' him before, I guess...
  5. reading Lynne's, Patrick Teoh's and Oreo's blog. something new everyday... educational as well.
  6. coming to work and discovered that the boss will not be in for the rest of day. err... need i to elaborate more ke? takyahla kan... hehehe... *ngulor je tau kan...*
  7. receiving SMS from someone so far away, yet so near in my heart...
  8. thinking 'bout those days in penang, with my roomates... we sleep all the time. *sheeeshh*
  9. ...

err... is that all? at least I manage to smile everyday. what about YOU?


  1. thanx for the props! :-) i'm always glad ot know someone likes what i'm posting :-) nice pic, btw!

  2. you got me hooked on ur blog la... :p

    oh, and I really like that ribena post! i'm a ribenaholic...hohohoho..


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