Thursday, July 27, 2006

angguk-angguk, geleng-geleng (pt. 2)

You know, observing people is a fascinating thing to do. After Izat's episode, I thought, heck, anything happens in Malaysia! And yes indeed, I am right. This happened, yet again, on board of Putra LRT last Saturday.

A family with two little children (a boy and a very cute girl) came on board. The little boy and girl sat beside me.

Then, a mother with two girls came on board. The train was packed, as usual, so the two girls sat on their mother's lap, one at each side of the lap. The bigger girl saw the very cute little girl and say hi to her and started to made funny noise and face towards that girl.

She once stood from her mother's lap to look around the train. Her sister followed her. Then she sat again on her mother's lap, this time she sat fully on her mother's lap. No place for her little sister. So the mother put her sister on her lap and this girl went "You put her on my lap!? Why do you have to put her on my lap?". Her mother reasoned with her in a very low voice. She then stuck a tongue at her mother.
Then she addressed the very cute little girl again. This time her mother said "There mui-mui... or is it mei-mei? Very cute one. Mui-mui? Or mei-mei?". And unexpectedly, the girl said "I don't know ok!? I don't know!" in a loud voice that made me cringe. And the whole coach went silent. Wow.
I did not look at the mother's face. I did not look at the girl's face (because I was afraid that I might slap her). I looked at the very cute little girl. She seemed a bit frightened as she held her mother's hand tightly.
A definite opposite of Izat. And yet, it was revolting. Izat did not shout to his mother in a way that girl did. Somehow, it occurs to me that maybe, it was all a setup. A setup to open my eyes... by that someone up above... Hrmmm...

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  1. .. hey, guess what... i finally responded to the audience participation meme... check it out.. then post the meme here if you want, k? cheers!


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