Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Rule of Four

My cousin loves treasure hunt-like novels. I dunno why... maybe because it's fast-paced and challenging. That kind of adventure where Da Vinci Code meets Relic Hunter, where there are riddles and clues and those ancient artefacts. It's intelligent in a way. I noticed that in most of the books I read, the Vatican is always mentioned, increasing my interest in the smallest country in the world. In a way, the books were interesting.

This one (in the pic), however, gave me splitting headaches. I got lost after a few pages. Maybe I wasn't giving it much attention. Maybe, it was just a confusing, boring book.

Even after finishing the book, I still could not really understand what is the Rule of Four. Furthermore, the story tends to drag on unimportant matters. It was weak, in my opinion. The way the characters solved the riddles was rather intriguing, though. The rest? Don't bother. I'd rather read the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons (by Dan Brown) over and over again (which I did, actually). Who said two heads are better than one?

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note, I'll be going back to KL on Tuesday. Woo-hoooooo! Oh yeah, I'm super happy, I cannot help it. Just pray that I'll get home safely because I'll be traveling by the bus, of course. 'Til then, see ya!

P/S: Read any good book lately?


  1. err.. i just read manga.. hehehee :P

  2. rajinnyer membaca buku2 camtu. klu chek ler, tak kuasa.... nak baca paper pn malas...

    anyway... save journye home..

  3. jangan kutuk banyak2 buku tu sebab tu buku favourite adiba

  4. ummi, how could u... n thank u wani,

    the rule of four is soooo intriguing (imho) because unlike the fast paced da vinci code or angels and demons it goes beyond historical fiction. the emotional aspect of it is so strong and got me so engaged on the friendship that the four of them shared until i forgot all about the historical part. well, blame me for being so touchy. but i think it deserves more credit than what you had given.

    maybe as an historical fiction the rule of four sucks but for me it teaches me a lot about love and friendship, which i believe i couldnt find in any of dan brown's..

  5. About 2 years ago, my verdict on The Rule of Four was: "Verdict: Can read lah, but not outstanding"...

    btw - join me lah on, senang to share book reviews/interests. I am currently reading a disturbing yet enthralling book called "the Book of Dave" by Will Self.

  6. lucky ball: at least you read, no?

    frat^boy: i can't resist it.books are my way of entertainment

    wani: now i know

    adiba: yes, the emotional aspect is something. the friendship between them is rather endearing. even the relationship between tom and kate is well err... written. it's just that the book lacks pace and adventure i expect from that kind of book. different preference huh?

    lynne: yeah, it is readable.btw, got ur postcard.tq! will blog about it soon. stay tuned!

  7. :) u going to KL by bus....and i thought u live in kL....adakah saya konfius?



  8. Abg Idham: i live in KL but now doing my studies in Penang :)

  9. Reading my daughter standard one arab text book which is in syllabus now..adoiii..i thot i sent her to a just normal govt school..not sekolah agama...Now shes having problem with tht mother has to learn arab too...ayo

  10. neomesuff: my sis used to go to sekolah agama (the normal one u know, where pagi sekolah kebangsaan,ptg sekolah agama) and she would come home and ask me "kak long, ni dalam bahase arab ape?" and I wud go like, "are u kidding me???" hahahaha

  11. i hate books on love and r/ship.. so this book sux! oi! plz make up ur mind wut u want to be... love/rship story ke action/mystery story? i dun care a bit of love/rship here n thr (manusia sume ade nafsu :P) but to that extend? i've wasted rm35.90...

    sorry ya adiba~~~~~ emo sket duit xde :P

  12. ~lalala~ : hahahaha.sbb dia punye sinopsis gempak semcm kot, thats y u terbeli kan. nasib baik "7 Deadly Wonders" tu sgt2 la best!


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