Thursday, September 20, 2007

a tragedy...

There could be no apt words to describe my feelings right now as I'm typing this post. Anger, sadness, frustration, horrified. Words just could not do justice to all these feelings.

I ask myself: How could a human being do this? To an innocent little girl, nonetheless. What in the world is happening today?

I could not say more...

Al-Fatihah and condolences to the family of Allahyarham Nurin Jazlin Jazimin...

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  1. org yg wat tue saiko, ngok, n bodo n may they rot in hell.

    al-fatihah to the lil' girl n her family.....

  2. ~lalala~ : could not agree more

  3. the kind of person who had the heart to stuff brinjal and cucumber inside an 8 year old has got to be a maniac.

    al fatihah to the girl whoever she was.

    but i find it rather amusing to watch how the kpn and his so called mesra cepat and betul team handled the whole situation.

    first of all, the family wasnt informed about the fact that the dna matched until after it was out on national tv. the pc was held before the family even knew the dna matched. and then they were accused of not being able to face the fact.

    the kpn only managed to explain that the teeth structure could change when human are in that kind of situation. but he left out the bcg, the scar and the birthmark.

    well it's true that the whole family has accepted the fact that the body was that of nurin's. to them of course there's always the big "what if it really was her?" so they accepted and buried her and stay hopeful that if it is her, the cop will catch the perp real soon.

    well, for a moment imagine this. what if there was no bag? what if the girl was simply slain and chopped and her remains scattered into some river? she might have never been discovered and the cops could readily add her to their already bulky missing kids files. i mean except from handing out flyers and holding pc i didnt see any progress in the case. and now they hang on to the blurry footage of a girl in red tees and blue jeans in front of the office where the bag was found and happily tell the whole world they're gonna follow the lead. they are even sure that the perp is in klang valley. personally, i think they got zilch.

    and musa hassan even had the guts to tell the whole nation that they (the cops) wouldnt hesitate to use the never before used provision on nurin's parents if it was proven that the parents were careless. so much of a comfort to the bereaved family huh?

    and as for the scientific evidence that they are overzealous about, well nobody defies the dna per se. but in this country? by the very system which charged hanif basree of raping and murdering norrita and which later acquitted him and dump the case into the unsolved files? i'd be an ignoramus if i wasnt a tad doubtful.

    well we all know the ways in which the cops work anyway. and efficient is obviously not one of them.

  4. i couldnt agree more on adiba..

    May Nurin Rest In Peace.. Innalillah...

  5. adiba: well said, adiba. well said. i wasn't aware of all the err... belakang tabir punye story at first. and then i read about it at her uncle's blog. "efficient". ~sigh~ i believe the word is over-rated.

  6. well.. go check it out at and yes.. org yg buat tu psiko dan kepercayaan masyarakat pada polis semakin terhakis.


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