Friday, December 21, 2007

alert: hormones overdrive!

What happens when you house 8 females together? A potential fully-loaded hormonal landmine (did I get my sentence correct?). And a very lethal headache.

This one I cannot escape from and just have to bear with it no matter how much it drives me crazy. Once upon a time, I would lash out at every single people in the house. Now, I would just hole up in my room with a book to read. Mama's yammering gives me the ultimate headache nowadays. Mama just could not stop babbling, even if most of the babbling does not even make any sense or true. I love Mama, I really do. But when she is in one of that I-hate-everyone-and-everything kinda mood, it can get pretty ugly. When she is in that kind of mood, unity is not the strongest forte in our house. Finger-pointing ensues. Accusation flies here and there. Nasty words exchanged.

That is pretty much the situation at home right now. I do not even know what is it with Mama that got her so worked up. She found fault in every little thing. Most of the times, wrong people bear the consequences. And temper flared. Most of the times, the older ones will be at fault when we really are innocent. I am sick of it. I am really, really sick of it. At this point, I could only shut myself out. And then the label will come. "Kurang ajar". As simple as that. When we keep our mouth shut to whatever accusation she thrown in our face, she will said this, "Kalau orang cakap tu, buat diam". Really, are we suppose to say anything? And if we do reply, we'll get this, "Kalau orang cakap tu, ada je nak jawab!".

Headaches after pounding headaches. I wish it will all go away soon. In the meantime, please do pray for me so that I could still hold on to my very limited patience... and my sanity.


  1. I need to breath. 1 2 3 too many females.headache.headache.

  2. haha..

    camni.. ada satu part nama dia anger management.. kalu the other party takde mende ni, kita kene ada.. wokeh?

    klu dia tak kontrol diri dia, kita kontrol diri kita..

    klu kita tgk org tak kontrol diri dia, kita akan cakap org tu b o d o.. so klu kita tak kawal diri kita, tergamakkah kita cakap diri kita b o d o gaks??

    pikir2... hehe

  3. greeny @ kakak: *deep breath*

    the panjang: nothing ruffled you up that much ye pakcik? always optimistic. gud for you!


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