Thursday, December 27, 2007

the birthday mission!

Today, 27th December, Mama turns 53.

And we are planning a surprise party for her! Here's the party checklist:
  • Cake - Banana Chocolate from Secret Recipe (check!)
  • Birthday card - will get everybody to sign it (check!)
  • Birthday present - a super-gohgeous handbag (check!)
  • KFC (check!)
  • Pizza - sponsored by our beloved Pak Tam! (check!)
  • Drinks - will be prepared by Adik (check!)
  • Junk foods - again, Adik (check!)
We also enlisted the help of Mama's best friend, who we call Cik Na to help us to keep Mama out of the house until at least 8 pm. Lets hope it will work or the surprise will be ruined. I will post the pictures of the party soon.

I wonder how she will react tonight? Oh, the anticipation!


  1. happy besday to mama umi..
    smoga beliau dipanjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki.
    dan moga aunty juge cepat2 dapat cucu...esp dr umi..

  2. hihihi...


    tkde gambo2 ke?

    pat2 le donlod..

    nak tnguk cake yummyyy tuu...

  3. Your mum mesti hepi sangat kan...

    btw..uve been tag hehe

  4. HEPPY BIRTHDAY TO bila anak2 ingat dan celebrate...hehehe...dengar tu wahai anak2 ku...hehehehe


  5. dear, how was it? tak sabar tunggu u apdet.

  6. apparently, this girl malas nk update.. for more info bout the besday celebration, check out her sister athirah's blog,

    kak long pemalas! wahaha >:P

    jgn marah r.. hepi nu year!!


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