Sunday, January 13, 2008

the holiday mission

What's with me and missions nowadays? Well, I have to at least be motivated to do something in life that can be remembered. This time, I'm planning a family vacation. Well, trying to plan one anyway. It has been like, forever the family had had a vacation together. The last time the whole bunch of us went for a vacation was... uh, lemme see, '94 at Cameron Highlands? That was ancient, man! Oh. And 'balik kampung' is not considered as a vacation, for me at least.

The thing about having a big family, transportation is an issue. Furthermore, if you don't have a man to at least be the rational and sane one, problems are bound to arise. However, I aim to be optimistic. And I would really like the family to have a truly good time, and a memorable one at that. So Adik and I came up with a plan that fits our budget just nicely. We planned to go to Teluk Batik. And we chose this chalet to stay at.

Now the problem is to get Mama to agree with this plan. Any idea how? Or do you guys have any other idea on where should we go? Help!

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  1. Teluk Batik?! r u siyes???? hahahahaha... ok lar teluk batik... good on the budget too... jauh gile nk bcuti.. u can get a pantai-like place nearer wut


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