Friday, January 04, 2008

Tagged ! #1

The first of three tags I've got to complete. This first one, tagged by Ernisuhana @ Cepotet @ Tipah, is a mighty long one (sorry it took quiet a while to do this, dear). So I'm going to start right away!


This linky love trail rules:-
When you got tagged, you have to add your name to people who had done the tag and and let the list grow!

Those Who Dunnit
Farah (me)
Bani gundu
Najmy <3<3<3..haha
hana ni mo nai


First name: Ummi (there's actually 2 Ummis in the family). Oh. Enough with the "Ummi" nasyid already!!!
Nickname: Ummi, Kak Long, Dak Kecik (only a few people call me this *winks*)
Name you wish you had: Hey, I love my own name, thank you very much!
What do people normally mistake your name as: My name is spelled with 2 Ms, as in Ummi but sometimes it will become Umi. L'Oreal once misspelled my name as Ummi Farjana (horrors!).
Birthday: 22nd March 1985
Birthplace: Uhh... KL.
Time of Birth: 1635, if I am not mistaken
Parents together or divorced: Dad passed away...
Get along with them: Most of the times
Single or taken: Definitely taken!
Zodiac: Aries

Your appearance
How tall are you: An average 155cm
Wish you were taller: Sometimes
Eye color: Very dark brown
Eye color you want: None
Natural hair color: Black
Current hair color: Black and bits of dark brown
Short or long hair: Longish
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: Nope
Curly, straight, wavy: Straight but not rebonding-straight
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: Cut it really really short 3 or 4 years back
Glasses or contacts: Both
Do you wear make-up: Yeah
Ever had hair extensions: No way!
Paint your nails: When I was in high school

The opposite gender
What eye color: Black or dark brown (I'm melting...)
What hair color: Preferably dark
Shy or Outgoing: Definitely outgoing
Looks or Personality: Err... both (?)
Sexy or Cute: Oh my, this is a tough one. Preferably sexy *winks*
Serious or Fun: Serious when needed to be, fun all the time
Older or Younger: I like older men!
A turn on: Good manners, romantic, intelligent, speak well, funny ... well, the list goes on and on and on...
A turn off: BO (but of course!), stupidity, child-like behavior, obnoxious, obsessive, possessive ... oh well, it can go on forever!

This or That
Flowers or Chocolates: Chocolates!
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Rap or Rock: Rock
Relationship or One-night Stand: Relationship. Duh!
School or Work: Err... work
Love or Money: Err... both
Movies or Music: depends on the mood
Country or City: City. I need the buzz or I'll be bored to tears.
Sunny or Rainy days: Rainy days any day *grins*
Friends or Family: Family, always!

Have you ever...
Lied: Duh! Of course!
Stole something: Can't remember any
Smoked: Never ever!
Hurt someone close to you: Few times...
Broke someone's heart: Few times, too *ashamed*
Had your heart broken: Let me see... once, maybe
Wished you were a prince/princess: Never
Liked someone: Of course!
Liked someone who was taken: Does Hugh Jackman counts? Hehehe...
Shaved your head: No!!! *gulps*
Been in love: Oh, yes!
Used chopsticks: Yeah. What's the relevance, anyway?
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Sometimes, when I got nothing better to do. Hahaha!
Cried over someone: Once, or maybe twice
Wish you could change anything about yourself: Sometimes my anger gets the best of me
Ever think you are attractive: Nope

Flower: Orchids
Candy: Sour plum
Song: Right at this moment, I'm hooked to Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts The Most"
Scent: Could be anything!
Color: Black, blue, brown and red
Movie: Remember The Titans (an all-time favorite!), Heyy Babyy! (ini citer Hindustan oke!) and Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan during her innocent years)
Singer: Geez, too many to name. My ultimate favorite would be Whitney Houston and Nelly Furtado.
Word: Yela tu and some err... censored words (my sisters know!)
Junk food: Does McD counts?
Website: Mine! Hehehe. And of lately, I'm kinda hooked to Facebook
Lotion: Mama's goat milk lotion. It smells heavenly!
Animal: Cats

Biggest fear: Losing the people I love
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life, what would you choose: Lemme see... none!
Do you play any sports: Not really

The rules:-
Link to your tagger and post these rules. List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.
  1. I got bored easily. The survival of this blog, however, is an amazing achievement *winks*
  2. I have problem in chatting up people I don't really know but once I know you well enough, you have to tell me to shut up *grins*
  3. I forgive way too easily most of the times
  4. I am afraid of heights *yikes!*
  5. I wish for a twins once I got married (still a loooong way to go!)
  6. I'm a homebody. I like to be at home rather than going out
  7. I write with my left hands, but do everything else with my right.
  8. I can't stand stupid people!
To tag 8 people is kinda stretching it a bit, I think. Not that all the people I tagged will respond to the tag! Maapla kalau ade yang terasa tu ye! But anyway, I would like to tag:
  1. Neomesuff (Always been tagged by her. Got you tagged this time! Hehehe)
  2. TiaLady @ Soraya (What can I say? I just like to tag you!)
  3. Kakak (I don't care, just do it!)
  4. Wani (You are my friend, how could I not tag you?)
  5. Adiba (May I? Dah tag pun! Hehehe)
  6. Kak Reen (Sile salahkan Cik Tipah oke!)
  7. Kak Misha_Mi (Skali lagi, sile salahlan Cik Tipah!)
  8. And for those who are reading this post, consider yourself officially tagged!
Oookaaayy! One down, two more to go!


  1. nape random facts tu de 7 instead of 8? Cet, pnjgnye tag.

  2. a'a la.. tak cukup 8. mana lagik 1? denda.. denda. ahaks!

    thanks dear coz sudi melayan kerenah i. lenkali, kita kenakan orang len plak k. hikhik.

  3. Pernah buat tag ni gak. Sekarang memang musim kena tag!


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