Wednesday, February 13, 2008

one double O

*Sniff, cough, sniff, cough*

Got hit by the flu, yet again after the fever drama. The coughing fit threw me off balance for a couple of days, hence the disappearance from the blogging world for a very short while. My fingers itched during those while to blog-hopping and type something, anything. And this is, ladies and gentlemen, my 100th post for this blog! After almost 2 years of my stint as a blogger, I finally come to my 100th post. Not that it matters much to me but knowing that I could actually keep this blog alive is some sort of an achievement to me.

Anyway, for this 100th post, I'm posting a commercial video. A local commercial video, which I find quiet amusing... and a bit scary.

So, whaddya think?


  1. Adoiiiiiiiii heheheeeee thats mega funnyyyy.. anotha hundred beb ;-)..

  2. heheee.. memula tadi cam takut nak tengok bila kata a bit scary tu.. then gagah kan jugak.. heheee.. memang scary and funny too..

    tak sihat ye? siannya.. takpe.. kita pun tak sihat gak baru ni. alhamdulillah.. sihat dah ni.. minum air bebanyak ye..

  3. Waaa sudah satu ratus. Adeh ble lah den nk sampey sratus ne?

  4. congrats on ur 100 posts of (most of it) yg educational n informational~~ haha.. not like mine, full of craps!

  5. neome: funny, no? how did they come up with that i donno! thanx!

    kak neeza: scary + funny made a memorable commercial and i think the message is delivered clearly. anyway, i'm doing fine now, alhamdulillah.

    kakak: keep on blogging bebeh!

    suria: nah, they are not craps lah! they are moments. moments of your life

  6. eh cute gak vidclip tu.
    tak pnh tgk pun.



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