Monday, June 09, 2008

what my pleasure looks like...

May I introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, the sinfully delicious and rich Mango Delight! Okay, okay, a bit over the top, I admit. But it IS good, I assure you. The creamy mango ice cream, topped with sweet and sour mango sauce, pieces of mangoes and rice crisp, it is THE ultimate treat for me. The first time I had this dessert, I went "Mmmmmmmm...", which could be translated to "So damn good!". I was with my sister and she'll say just the same thing to you should you ask. It costs around RM 4.00 per cup, if I remember correctly. You can find this delightful (delightful? Corny!) dessert at Pannettone Cafe which is situated on the ground floor of KL Sentral. Their other dishes are quiet good, too, but this Mango Delight? It's what my pleasure looks like exactly. Maybe I could get one today after work. Hmm...


  1. girl, you really make me wanna have a errr two or may be 3 cups of those!! yummmmyyyy..

  2. dear.. nak email add. nak invite ke blog. :)

  3. kak neeza: ianya sgtla lazat~~ *drool*

    cepotet: my email is

  4. mcm best plak :)

    ps: suh cepotet invite saya sama...

    tima kasih

  5. I just love mango...I wantttt.....thks for dropping by my blog :)


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