Monday, November 17, 2008

the weird 15

So I've been tagged, yet again. This time, it is by, none other than my sis, Kakak. For this tag, I have to state 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself. 15, you say? I'm cracking my skull now to come up with those 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about me, myself and I because I am pretty much normal and boring. 15? Hurm... let's see if I can manage 15...
  1. I'm a left-handed writer but I do mostly everything else with my right hand. I remember when I was a kid, Mama tried hard to make me write with my right hand... to no avail, I'm afraid. Sometimes, I would feel like a freak for writing with my left hand instead of my right just like everyone else but as I grow up, I learned to accept and appreciate the fact that I am one of few people who is left-handed.

  2. I. Am. Afraid. Of. Heights. Yes, people. I am. Terrified, in fact. When I'm at/on a high place, my knees will shake, my palm will go all clammy and cold and I will feel dizzy. I even have to think twice before crossing any drain! I have all sort of imaginations running wild through my head when I'm at that kind of place. Heights and me, we never go well together.

  3. I LOVE words, especially games that involve words in it like Scrabble 0r Scramble, in Facebook's case, crossword puzzle and I certainly love books, as most of you people already know. I'll try not to brag here but I'm rather good at word games. Hehehe. And I have this talent *ehem!* to read jumbled words quickly. And I have this 'thing' with spelling where I'll itch to correct any error as I go through blogs. Ask Kakak about it and she'll confirm it on the spot. Or ask Kimie. I always poke fun at his typing error. Sorry, dear!

  4. I like to cook but I HATE the inticracies of the cutting, peeling etc. process. You want me to cook, you have to get all the ingredients ready i.e they are washed, peeled, cut bla bla bla. My job? Cooking only. Enough said.

  5. When I was a little girl, I am prone to both landsick and seasick. When it was balik kampung time, Mama or Abah would always keep plastic bags for my err... emergency. Too keep the landsick or seasick at bay, I have to be put to sleep or else... you don't really wanna know. Luckily as I grow up, the yucky sickness went away. Or else... you don't really wanna know.

  6. I see dead people... (in Haley Joel Osment's tone in Sixth Sense). Hahaha. Kidding! I can't see dead people *phew!* but once, when I was still in high school, I would always see shadows/figures moving about in the house, even when there's no one around. First, I was pretty freaked but I got used to it. There was this one figure that I always saw, following me around. A figure of a boy in a yellow shirt and blue shorts. I only saw him upstairs going from room to room, especially my room. I even saw this one tall, black 'creature'/figure once, outside my room, looking in at my sister and I. That one was pretty scary. Now, the sightings become lesser. I guess I just refuse too 'see' it anymore.

  7. I eat spaghetti more than I eat rice. Huh??? Not very Malaysian of me, right? I dunno. I get bored of rice so easily. And I could eat spaghetti everyday! Some people are downright dumbfounded and perplexed by this, including my own boyfriend. He even referred to me as 'orang U.S'! I didn't bother to correct him that spaghetti and all sort of pasta is Italian. Everybody eat spaghetti, anyway. And I am really good at making spaghetti. Really!

  8. You may not know it or see it, but I'm a jealous person. Damn! That's a really hard one to admit. I'm not going to elaborate more. I'm a jealous person. Specifically, I make a jealous girlfriend. Period. Thank you very much.

  9. I think and listen more than I talk. Sometimes, people would just go "Why are you so quiet?". And I would go "Nothing!" when I actually have things going through this restless mind of mine. Don't go "Tell me what are you thinking" on me because I won't know how to answer it. I'm just like that. When I want to talk, I'll talk. And boy, I can talk alright! It's just that sometimes, I don't feel like talking. I prefer to listen more.

  10. When I want to do something reckless or uncharacteristically me, I won't think about it. I would just go ahead and do it. Thinking is time-consuming. And thinking will make me not want to do it, which will make me regret it later on. Risky and foolish, one might say, but I'd say carpe diem. You've got to seize the day. It's not like everyday I do something spontaneous, no? My life is all about routine. And breaking off the routing once in a while keeps me sane. At least for a while.

  11. I read magazines and newspapers from behind. I don't know why. I just do. Every time. No matter how interesting the front page looks, I will always flip to behind and start reading from the very last page. And yes, I do read the sport section. Football, particularly.

  12. I hate numbers. I am never good at numbers. Simple maths is fine by me but beyond that, I fail miserably. I sucked at Maths since school, since I was a young girl and I sucked at it even now. I play with words, not numbers. I'm no genius. What the hell was I thinking back in high school by taking Prinsip Akaun I have no idea. I was miserable all the time during those last two years of high school.

  13. I am a chronic procrastinator. Yes, folks. Guilty. I procrastinate at every chance I get. And that means all the time. It usually does more harm than good to me but as the saying goes, bad habit die hard... or is it old habit die hard? I'm confused now. Later I'll google for it. Later.

  14. I like to munch on ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes. It doesn't have any taste except that it is cold, but yet, I like to munch on it. I would pop one into my mouth, let the cold seeps in until the cavity of my mouth is numb and then 'crunch crunch crunch'. No chips is needed to give me that crunch kick. And need I tell you that I am not alone in this ice-munching habit. Kak Ngah and Syaqirin enjoy it, too. And Mama Suria. Is it in anyway related to genetic?

  15. As I come to no. 15, I'm thinking, am I revealing a little bit too much? I have some reservation in talking about myself. I won't talk about myself unless I'm asked about it. But I assure you, my friends, those things I mentioned above does not even begin to describe Ummi Farhana Zulkifli as a whole person.
Whew! Done! Sorry if I give you headache in any ways. Oh. Told ya I'm normal and boring!


  1. wow....many inredible things, funny things as well supernatural pun ada!
    bab dapat tenguk 'hantu' tu menakutkan....ada belajar ilmu apa ka ?

    pakcik juga takut heights dan juga depth!! sekali tu frozen scared stiff masa snorkelling di red sea - reason? sbb nampak ke dasar laut yg dalam itu!


  2. Uncle Id: ilmu2 ni xdek tp dah leh 'tertengok' nk wat camne.

    haaa... bab heights ni mmg xleh nk bertolak ansur la. skali tu mase naik genting skyway, menggigil 1 badan, tuhan je yg tau. bkn sebab sejuk tau menggigil. hahaha!


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