Friday, March 13, 2009

lipas goreng

While a drunken person speaks the truth, a super duper sleepy person it seems, speaks utterly ridiculous things. Well, that is applicable to me, at least. You can always count on getting me talking nonsense when I am super duper sleepy. Nonsense such as lipas goreng (fried cockroach). Where the hell did that thing came from, I wish I know.

It was back in those days when Kimie and I both could spend hours talking on the phone. Well, we did talk... while trying, very hard, not to doze off. You see, this was back when Hotlink had this Super Saver where you can call any Maxis/Hotlink number for only just RM 2 from midnight until 9 am. So yes, we tried to talk from midnight until 9 am. Back then, we were just friends. It's funny, you know, how, as friends, we could talk endlessly about anything. Even one that lead to the lipas goreng thing.

We were talking about food, if I remember correctly. I was trying really hard to fight my sleepiness. I think he was feeling kinda sleepy as well. Suddenly I went like "... kalau lipas goreng kene goreng betul-betul dulu..." (you have to fry the cockroach thoroughly first) and my drowsy mind processed the words seconds too late. When I realized what I just said, I went Oh f**k! Did I just say lipas goreng??? Nooooooo!!! The sleepiness went away just like that. Kimie was laughing like a mad man. I was kinda confused. Why the hell did I say lipas goreng? I wanted to say ikan goreng! The damage was done. I could not possibly take the words back. Lipas goreng. How ridiculous can you be, huh?

Until now, we both would laugh our heads off if the word lipas is mentioned. It was funny back then, it is still funny until today. Kimie, especially, always teases me about the lipas goreng incident. He would hold on to that forever, I suppose. Almost fair. Usually, I would tease him endlessly because he was the one who will talk nonsense through his sleepiness. That was us back then. Now, due to our responsibility and commitment to work, I'd be lucky to even get one single phone call from him.

Ever had any lipas goreng incident?


  1. hehee.. macam familiar.. selalu jadi to me.. masa my hubby driving long distance.
    Wife dia ni jenis masuk kereta aje, senang betul nak lelap.
    Untuk tak nak dia ngantuk and untuk avoid myself from sleeping, dia bercerita.. dalam sedar tak sedar, I was listening... since nak bagi response jugak.. I asked something.. marah betul dia.. sebab things that I asked tu.. dia baru aje lepas cerita hahahah!!

  2. kak neeza: at least make sense jugakla kan. ni kalau lipas goreng..... adui... ntah celah mane dtg lipas goreng. x masuk akal langsung!

  3. lipas goreng sedap wehhh!!! sgt sedap...crunchy!!! nyumm nyummm

  4. Anonymous3:39:00 AM

    ahaks..lipas goreng?
    ckp siam?

    x leh tido..help2

  5. kak reen: erk. akak penah mkn ke?? *ngeriii*

    org siam yg anon: waktu tdo anda berbeza dgn manusia normal. superman la katekan....

  6. Anonymous2:53:00 AM

    Jamil Ismail @ Jamil Kucing, pemilik blog rupanya musang berbulu ayam.. terbaca pendedahannya di ... patutlah blognya dipenuhi artikel dari blog orang lain (ciplak@tanpa rujuk) dengan maki hamun dan sumpah seranahnya, rupanya dia tengah kegersangan... al batangi penjilat al juburi !!!


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