Tuesday, April 28, 2009

which one is easier?

I have a question. It has been bugging me for some times. Which sometimes led me to believe that forgiveness is cheap.

So which one is easier to forgive?

A friend


Your own flesh and blood?

Let me know the reason as well.


  1. susahnya nk jwb soalan nie!!tak tahu nk jwb cmne..mayB depends on situation kot...u lak cmne?

  2. i think flesh and blood as you see them everyday.. like it or not, they still there in your life.

    A friend... well, boleh cari orang lain.

  3. i think in my case, it's easier to forgive friends but to forget is rather hard (or couldn't do it so often). well, people with no attachment (blood relation),it's easier for me to forgive since i don't take it too deep but i always remind myself of what they had done so that i could be cautious.

    for flesh and blood, it's harder to forgive but easy to forget. mistakes that they had done is rather hard to accept since they know me very well. it's like a betrayal if i must say. but due to constant communication, pretty much easier to forget. couldn't hold grudge over the relationship too long, nanti jadi tak elok. also, with some laugh and love, you'll be fine quickly. :P


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