Saturday, September 12, 2009

raya tag

Since we have more or less a week to go before Hari Raya, I'll do this tag from Dian. Here goes...

THREE unforgettable fasting moments during your childhood:
Note: I don't remember much about it honestly.
1. Drinking water straight from the tap.
2. Had fever once and Abah bought air kelapa for me to drink but I refused. Puasa la konon...
3. Refusing to go to school. Reason: Other kids eating in front me. Cannot tahan.

THREE unforgettable fasting moments for this Ramadhan:
Note: This Ramadhan passed without any unusual event, alhamdulillah.
1. First Ramadhan. Iftar with the whole family, which includes Pak Tam's family and Suria.
2. KTM's delay caused me to reach home after iftar. Twice.
3. Thought I'll fast for the whole Ramadhan, but alas, as a woman, it's just not possible.

THREE iftar dish you wish you had but did not manage to get:
Note: You know when it's Ramadhan, you lust for just about everything and anything.
1. Roti john.
2. Roti jala.
3. Creme caramel.

THREE Raya songs you like/love:
Note: Mostly old school.
1. Satu Hari di Hari Raya by M. Nasir.
2. Sesuci Lebaran by Siti Nurhaliza.
3. Seloka Hari Raya by Uji Rashid and Hail Amir. Hail the oldies!

THREE plans you have for Hari Raya:
Note: Whatever I do, I'm just glad I'll be away from KL. And the office.
1. Have fun.
2. Have lots of fun.
3. Have lots and lots of fun.

THREE Raya dishes you like/love:
Note: It's Hari Raya. It's food everywhere. It's heaven.
1. Tok Yam's ketupat jagung and beef rendang. Once you start, you can't stop.
2. Auntie Doreen's nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it.
3. Mak Su's cake. Once you put it on the table, it'll disappear in a matter of seconds.

THREE things you are not able to do this Raya:
Note: What does family means?
1. If I say it, it'll create another whole lot of undesirable event.
2. So I won't say it.
3. Life just goes on, you know. Before, during and after Raya.

THREE people I want to tag:
Note: None of them will do this. Wanna bet?
1. Suria.
2. Suriany.
3. Wani.


  1. hahaha Ummi, you know me well. Sorry we don't get to meet each other before raya. After raya wajib jumpa okay!

  2. dam dam dumm...bunyik mercun :D

    selamat hari raya :)

  3. Wani: Salam Aidilfitri to you my friend. Hope we'll see each other soon.

    May: Selamat Hari Raya En. May!


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