Thursday, August 05, 2010

tweet, tweet

One of my friends YM-ed me a while ago. First thing he said is "Can you not tweet so often?". I was a bit baffled. First of all, he doesn't have a Twitter account (as far as I know). Second of all, he reads my tweets? You see, he's not that type to read all this mundane stuff. He doesn't even read my blog (I hope!). So you see, I am curious as to why he's reading my tweets and why, above all things, should I not tweet "so often"?

"But why?" I asked. He typed the smiley icon. "Your tweets are funny," he replied. Ahah! A compliment! I typed the wide grin icon. "So you read my tweets?" I had to confirm it, of course.

"Since you unprotected your tweets, yeah. You're so normal, you make me laugh sometimes." Uh, wait, what's that supposed to mean? I'm normal and funny, or, I'm so normal it's funny? Ugh. Even I am confused now!

"So then why should I tweet less?"
"Because it's becoming sort of an addiction to me. And I feel this urge to open a Twitter account just so that I can follow you." Hah! Could it be that I'm luring people to the dark side now? You know... like this one good friend, who has embraced the world of Twitter. Hahaha! Got me smiling alright, @WaniTealeaf.

So maybe I could entice another person to come to the dark side? Mmm. We'll see *rubbing hand gleefully while smiling slyly*.


  1. Hahaha adoi. Still suck at tweeting though.

  2. I think you're doing just fine, Wani. Oh and look, you manage to update the blog as well!


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