Monday, August 23, 2010

vampires suck

I don't hate Twilight, either books or the movie franchise. Really, I don't. I thought the books are readable (except for the part where I want to tear my hair out in frustration towards Bella Swan), the first movie is decent, the second movie...... well, let's move on. My point is that I don't hate Twilight. I'm just not in favor of it.

Thus why I thought Vampires Suck is funny. It's a movie spoof, mainly targeting the Twilight movies. The movie makes fun of Daybreakers, True Blood and Vampire Diaries as well. All vampire-related features. Vampires Suck is a shitty movie, yes, no doubt about it but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.

But I don't think vampires suck. Vampires like the Salvatore brothers (Vampire Diaries)? Man, I'd invite them into the house anytime! And if someone else play Edward apart from Rob Pattinson, well, maybe I'll play nice. Those over-moussed hair... well, let's pretend I didn't say anything, shall we? Go, Team Edward *not!*.

By the way, how's your Ramadhan shaping up?

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