Wednesday, September 29, 2010

smooch that!

Going to work with public transportation every single day, you're bound to see or hear something interesting or funny. Or maybe, you'll experience it on your own. I've had had so many incident in the past that I've lost count. But there was one incident that I still remember. Vividly. And it never fail to bring a smile to my face.

It happened when I was on board of Putra LRT heading to Kelana Jaya. I was standing, holding on to the steel pole. There were people standing nearby as well. While the train was moving smoothly along, I chatted with my sister, who was at that time doing her training at my office. Naturally, I let go of the pole while chatting, trying to make a point to my sister. Big mistake. Big, big mistake.

Suddenly, SKRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTT!!! Without warning whatsoever, the emergency brake was pulled (for lack of better operational word). The train lunged violently forward before coming to an abrupt stop.

Of course, it had to do that while I was not holding on to the pole.
Of course, it had to do that while there were people standing near to me. MEN mostly.
AND of course, it was too late before I grabbed hold of the pole.

Before you ask, OR laugh, NO, I did not fall flat on my face. I bumped, really hard, into a man's back. His shoulder, to be exact. Wait. His hard shoulder is more accurate. I was feeling a bit dizzy and stunned from the impact. I mumbled an apology and quickly straightened myself up. When I raised my head, I was horrified. Nooooo!!! My mind screamed.

THERE WAS A PINK GLOSSY LIPSTICK MARKING ON THE GUY'S SHIRT! Exactly where my face landed! On his shoulder! No, no, no, no, no, no! I searched urgently for his fingers, to see any sign of a ring, but he had his back on me. Damn it! How do I wipe off that offending mark from his shirt? Damn it all! While I was trying to figure out what to do, the train moved again, thankfully at a slower speed. And before I could do or say anything about it, he got off at the next stop.

And my mind went "Mampos la kalau dia dah kahwin. Mampos la kalau bini dia nampak bekas lipstik tu. Mampos! Finish! The end!"

Then, my logic kicked in, "He must be going to his office. His colleagues must notice that marking. They will let him know and of course he'll clean that marking off his shirt. Right? Right? RIGHT?"


Until now I wonder just what happened after he walked out off the train. I honestly hope that the lipstick mark would not harm him in any way. It was an accident, to start with. I was not aiming for his shoulder. I really really really hope nothing bad happened to him, or embarrassing. And I really really really really hope we won't be bumping into each other again. EVER!


  1. whoa!

    tiba² teringat ker ni? ehehe..

    kalo dia ke opis dulu, sempat lah kot nak bersihkan..
    tak pun, masa di opis, memang dia dah kena bahan.


    sib baik ummi yang pakai lipstick,
    bayangkan dah terlanggar nak minta maaf pastu tengok², lelaki tu yg pakai lipstick, haru!


  2. Ila: A'ah. Tetiba teringat. Kena bahan kat opis takpe, jangan kena hantam kat rumah.

    Auwww~ Lelaki pakai lipstik? Tak rela ai nyah!

  3. hahaha...! kalo bini dia adalah ahli jabatan forensik... jeng jeng jeng... kekeke... good luck kak long! :P

  4. muahahahaha. oh my.. oh my.. i can imagine that. kalau dia balik umah and bini dia syak bebukan. adoi, sangat kesian. tapi, mmg kelakar!

  5. Suria: Nasib baik Malaysia tak simpan rekod DMA oh!

    Erni: Kelakar, kesian, malu... semuanya bercampur-baur. Tapi rasanya, kelakar no 1! Hahaha!


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