Friday, October 15, 2010

more on aliff

Almost one week in the ICU, Baby Aliff is still recuperating from his ordeal. Here are bits and pieces of Aliff's development so far:
  • Aliff is gradually regaining consciousness.
  • Aliff is able to move his fingers and toes but they are very limited movements.
  • His fever is gone.
  • His breathing is no longer labored and hard, though he is still being hooked up to the ventilator to help him breathe.
  • Aliff's right limbs are semi-paralyzed due to the serious bleeding on his left brain.
  • Aliff will start his series of long, hard and painful therapy with a physiotherapist soon.
  • The therapy is going to help him to move his limbs, at least for 50%.
  • His blood pressure is maintained at a low level to avoid more bleeding in his brain.

Update on 14th Oct 2010:
  • Aliff is now feverish again.
  • He still cannot move his right limbs.
  • Latest news is that Baby Aliff's eyes seem to not responding to any stimulation, but according to the doctors, it is still early to tell.
  • He is still being fed through tube.

Update on 15th Oct 2010:
Aliff is still feverish. Yesterday he opened his eyes and raised his left arm. His ventilator and breathing tube was removed, but the feeding tube still remain attached. His breathing is a bit difficult with phlegm clogging up his airways and they had to suck out the phlegm. The doctors are monitoring his breathing. If everything goes well, he will be moved to normal pediatric ward.

P/S: I will update this post from time to time to keep all of you posted with Aliff's development.


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  2. Anonymous8:12:00 AM

    how to donate?


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