Monday, January 10, 2011

the facebook hoax

Hoax (hōks)
Noun - something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage

Bahasa Melayu - bang bang boom, kau dah kena tipu!

I bet that most of you now are aware of the news that has been going around for the last few days that Facebook is going to shut down on March 15th. Honestly, just how many of you went "Noooooo! This cannot be happening!"? Come on now, raise your hand up, lemme see it. Okay, fine, you're too cool to admit it.

But I know that deep down inside, you're panicking like hell.
Alamak, macam mane dengan Farmville aku?
Alamak, nanti kat ofis takde ape nak buat dah la!
Alamak, takleh la aku stalk mamat kacak pakai Ray Ban tu dah!
Alamak, takleh la nak buat untung beribu-ribu RM login Facebook dah!

But do you even stop for a while to T.H.I.N.K? Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business. Do you think they will ever shut down as long as they're generating billions of dollars? It's like saying Microsoft will stop producing more OS! Gasp! Unthinkable! Gilo ko apo?

Use your God-given brain, people. And stop posting ridiculous statuses and tweets regarding Facebook's closure. Facebook is not closing down. I repeat, Facebook WILL.NOT.CLOSE.DOWN. Not on March 15th, not anytime soon. Okay? Cheer up. You won't lose your cows.

To all you Malaysian, please, don't be so fukken gullible, can? You guys believe just about anything people posted on the net. You can only trust 90% of what's being circulated in the Internet, don't you know about that? Smarten up a bit la. And do some research before you go around telling people that Malay people is of genius descendant Facebook will pull its plug. Get it from genuine resource, okay?

Now excuse me while I go cook up a storm in World Cafe.

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