Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just enjoy the show

Approximately two weeks to go before Raya. So how's the preparation coming along? Excited yet? Raya songs are being played on daily basis on local radio stations now that Raya is only two weeks away, feeding the Raya mood. Even the folks on Twitter are twittering away with Raya-themed hashtags.

As for me, well... maybe I'm getting old. Maybe. I don't feel like celebrating. Maybe it's tad too early? I dunno. Time will tell. The only thing I'm feeling great about is the chance to break away from work, from the office. One week without work? Pure bliss, I tell you. No waking up early in the morning. No primping yourself up for work. No dealing with KTM's crappy schedule. And most importantly, no drama (my Twitter followers will surely know what I'm talking about).

Another thing to look forward to, meeting my cousins and aunts and uncles. There will always be good times. The jokes, the laughter, the endless teasing... just good times. And some of my cousins are celebrating their Raya for the first time with their spouses. Now that is new. Additional family members. More good times ahead? Hopefully.

In the meantime, this little dude will be sorely missed...

Baby Aliff
My dear Aliff, now that it will be difficult to see you, please grow up strong and good. The lives and hearts you've touched, we will all be praying for you. We will forget you not, my dear boy. Miss you, we will but in our hearts, you will forever live. Take care, little dude. I really do love you so much.

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