Monday, September 05, 2011

i got caught up

Hey there, people. So how was your Raya? Great, I hope. My Raya is splendid, as usual. Good food and great company goes a loooooooong way to make you forget your work, even for a while.

Anyhow, something big is happening to me. Big. Major. And just thinking about it makes my stomach twist and turn in every possible way. It's not a bad thing. A good thing (I hope). Let this week past first, then I'll consider whether I'm gonna let you in on the big thing or not. Wish me luck, anyway.

And here comes the pictures from the Aidilfitri celebration. Well, some of it anyway...

My three beautiful sisters, garbed in jubah. Yep, we went for jubah this time around.

My dear, dear Tok laughing with Pak Su. She's so cute, no?

Pak Tam with his antiques. Never fail to make us laugh.

Both my Toks. Mama's side and Abah's side.
Went to arwah Abah's hometown and his childhood home. Felt kinda wistful. And surely, I miss him a lot. Now that my life is about to change in a major way, I miss his presence even more than ever. I hope he's happy and at peace wherever he is. I miss you, Abah. Al -Fatihah...

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