Monday, October 31, 2011

once it is dark...

I was standing outside a parking lot when a woman walked past me. She walked quickly in her yellow baju kurung and beige handbag. Her hair was twisted in a chignon elegantly. Her fair skin turned to a delicate shade of red, thanks to the blazing sun. She went to a white Honda Civic parked near to the lake. A silver MyVi sat on the right side of her car while a black Vios parked on the left. I don't know the lady, but somehow, my eyes followed her every move.

She unzipped her beige handbag. Looking for the car keys, I assume. While she searched, three figures suddenly appeared in front of her. Out of nowhere. Her eyes went wide at the three figures. Blood drained from her face. And I could feel the chill in the air as I stood and watch the three figures closed in on her. Time seemed to stop. Three figures garbed in white with shoulder length hair had their backs to me. I couldn't tell if any of them was male or female, or both. All I could see is the fear in the woman's ashen face. But I couldn't do anything. I was rooted to the place where I stood. Alone.

The three figure got closer to her. That's when I noticed something weird. No legs. Where their legs should be, I could only see thin white dress fading away into the ground. I could feel the fear seeped into me. My heart beat madly inside of my chest. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run away. But it was impossible. It's like, I lost the control of my body. So I just stood there, staring at the lady and three figures in sheer fear. Though the sun is blazing over our head, I felt cold. So cold, I shivered.

The three figures were talking to that lady in a language I could not understand. Wait. They weren't talking. They were whispering to her. Somehow, even quite far away, I could hear them whisper. The sound made my hair stand. By this time, the lady in bright yellow baju kurung seemed to be in some sort of trance. Her face went completely blank. Expressionless. Her eyes, they were as empty as her face. She dropped her handbag. The three figures kept whispering to her in a foreign language.

Suddenly, the three white figures moved away from the lady. They still had their backs to me. The lady took one step. Then another. And another. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Fear gripped me. I wanted to scream so badly. The lady was heading towards the lake nearby. Somehow I knew she will jump into the lake. Somehow I knew she will drown. I wanted to stop her. I wanted to run and grab her. But I couldn't move. Not even a muscle. The scream got lodged in my throat.

Only few steps separated the lady from the seemingly menacing deep green lake. The three figures stood to watch, standing very close to each other, shoulder to shoulder. The whispering has stopped. I shut my eyes tightly and inhaled. I was reading every surah from the Quran which I could remember at that time, which wasn't much. I fumbled a lot. I was shaking so badly. When I opened my eyes, the lady was standing very close to the edge of the lake. No, no, no! I was screaming in my head. Only in my head.

I looked at the three figures. With their backs to me, they floated away together, not missing one single step. They looked like they were joined to each other, like Siamese twin. I looked back at the lady. From the way she moved, I knew she was about to jump into the lake. And my voice decided to come back at that time. I screamed. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed with all my might. The lady stopped. She stood still at the edge of the lake. She turned around, looking directly at me. Her face were contorted with fear. She pointed her finger at a direction. My eyes followed the pointed finger.

The three figures had turned around. The three figures were closing in on me. The three figures were hissing with anger. My heart stopped. I couldn't even breath. I was totally engulfed in fear. I can see their faces now. 

Problem is, they didn't have any faces. At all. No eyes. No nose. No mouth. And they were closing in on me. I couldn't run away. I couldn't move. All I could do is wait.

And I woke up, drenched in sweat. I gulped the air few times before reaching for my Xperia mini pro beside my pillow. 4.30 a.m. A dream. It was just a dream. No, no. Not a dream. Nightmare. Yet, another nightmare.


  1. whoa!!

    takutnye Ummi!!!

  2. Ila: Takut, walaupun sekadar mimpi. T____T


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