Monday, November 21, 2011

murder on the dance floor

She glanced at the clock on the right side at bottom of her white Dell laptop. 5:47 PM. She won't be able to make it today, she thought to herself. She drummed her fingers on the desk, her foot tapping impatiently to some unheard music. She could feel the bile rising in her throat. She bit her lower lips hard as she went through her Facebook's news feed. Same old, same old. She switched to Twitter. The timeline was filled with tiger avatars in various forms, even in the form of the popular Tiger Balm. She smiled. Had to. The spirits were high, obviously.

She took another glance at the person across. Her patience limit at an all-time high. She turned the ring on her right ring finger around and around. Even the tiger avatars could not cheer her up anymore. 5:54 PM. She reached for her mobile. 

"Mama balik dulu." she typed and pressed the 'Send' button. Her heart cried at the thought of having to bear with the ever-so-efficient KTM Komuter. She sighed, resigned to her fate as she listened to the chatter of that person across. She typed in the pig's icon in the open Yahoo! Messenger's window.

"Oh, it's very easy. I can do it by myself actually," after what it seemed like an eternity, the person across her desk said nonchalantly. Her fingers tensed. 6:02 PM.

She saw red. Only red. She got up. Rage boiled in her. Slowly she walked towards the desk across.

"Tahu tak hari ni final match Harimau Malaya lawan Indonesia? Tahu tak!? Tadi kau yang beria suruh aku tunggu sebab nak edit dokumen? Punya setia aku dok menunggu macam tunggul, siap mesej mak aku suruh dia balik dulu sebab tunggu kau. In the end kau cakap kau boleh buat sendiri! Ambik ni! Ambik! Ambik!" she grabbed the black netbook and beat that man senselessly on the head. After 15 minutes of rage, witnessed by the young lady from a foreign country, the man slumped unconsciously on the desk. His head a bloody mess.

A smile curled up her lips. Satisfied, she put the netbook back on the desk and walked back to her place. She took a deep breath. And laughed maniacally. Oh, so much fun! She thought.

Yeah, right. In my head. All in my head. 6:52 PM. All alone in the office typing this shit. Blegh.


  1. You should do that, actually. LOL.

  2. I really should, kan? Oh, the temptation!

  3. haahaha.. kalau betul, dah keluar berita hari ni!


  4. Ila: Nasib baik menang tau. Dalam kepala otak ni memang dah real terjadi.


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