Tuesday, December 13, 2011

supermums & superdads: a commitment of a lifetime

Last Satruday, I was given the chance to attend a gathering of parents with special kids. They are from a support group in Facebook which is called Supermum's & Superdad's Angel Group. Held for two days from 10th December until 11th December 2011 at Perangsang Templer Golf Club, it was the first gathering to be held for this group.
I was appointed as the emcee for the event. For two days, I was exposed to the lives of this special children, or angels. I have to say, it was indeed an eye-opener to get to know all the families. I have a new-found respect for the parents who are so committed, dedicated and determined to give and do the best for their angels.

Seminars were also held during the gathering, where credible and awesome speakers were invited. Fezia Tyebally, Chad Timmermans, Puan Nur Rafidah (UKM), Encik Mohamad Kholid Hamzah, and Dr. Hasnah Toran (UKM) were the speakers during the two-days gathering. Each is an expert in their own field. Honestly, I learned a lot of things from the seminars. Even though my experience with special kids are very limited, I think I can relate and understand what the speakers were talking about.

Chad preparing to start his session. Fezia doing the introduction to Watsu based hydrotherapy.
Puan Nur Rafidah, Encik Kholid and Dr. Hasnah giving their talks.
Apart from the seminars, activities like sports and ice-breaking session were also organized by the very competent committee. I believe each family had tonnes of fun during all the activities. Though it was the first time meeting each other, the families got along really well. I guess having one particular thing in common made them comfortable with each other even more than family with typical kids.
Supermums and superdads with their angels.
6-year old angel, Janna putting all the candies in her shirt. Smart girl.

Y'know, honestly, those two days were such memorable days. I get to know some new people, I get to know some of the angels, who are very adorable and yes, they're very special. A 17-year old angel, Nadia, especially is very affectionate with people. She would hug the people around her, without caring if they're strangers.
The normal kids with their own activities.
After two days being with the families, I have to admit, I admire them all for their strength and courage in raising their angels as best as they can. The little angels are mostly happy lot, smiling and laughing, responding well to their environment. I fell in love with them all. I really did.

Little angel Sofea with her superdad. She's a daddy's princess. I just wanna take her home with me.
The very bubbly Janna with Chad in the pool during Fezia's session.
Mustaqim and his supermum.

Aiman @ Iman. Handsome dude, eh? He loves the pool a lot. A LOT.
Little Damia' and her supermum. Isn't she cute? Awww...
The backbone of the event, Kak Ju and her little angel, Aiman with his sisters.
All in all, it was a successful first gathering, in my honest opinion. I am humbled and honored and floored to be able to participate in this event. It ain't easy to care for these angels but what these people have, they have guts, they have awesomely huge hearts. My hats off to the supermums and superdads.

The Supermums.
The Superdads.

My heartfelt thanks to my aunt, Mak Tam Azlina Abdul Aziz for giving me the chance to come along, to Kak Ju and her husband for all the assistance getting us back and fro between the clubhouse and the condo. Same goes to Kak Mazni and her husband. And thank you, thank you, thank you so much to all the families for making me feel like I am a part of your family as well.

I've said it once, and I will say it again. To the supermums and superdads, I salute all of you!

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