Wednesday, January 18, 2012

starbucks' epic fail

So Starbucks has introduced it's Starbucks Card, which functions like a debit card for Starbucks only. And you will even get rewarded for your purchases. After certain amount of purchases of course. So, being the Starbucks' enthusiast myself (yela, yela, aku elitis!), I got myself the card. I was planning to get the Starbucks' 2012 planner with my purchases.

And guess what? When nearing to my 15th purchase (that's how much purchases needed to redeem the planner), the tracker stopped updating my reward. Horror!

So you see, my last purchase was on 10th January 2012. My tracker was showing 13 beverages purchased before I made that purchase. I bought a Valencia Frappucino and Valencia Macchiato on 10th January. So the tracker should show 15 beverages, right? Right?

Wrong! It remains 13 beverages purchased. So I made a report to their customers service and they said it will be solved in 2 days. I called on the 12th January 2012. Both screen shots were taken today. And what date is it today? Again, what date is it today? Yes, correct.

Disappointed? You bet I am. One week and a day has passed since I made my last purchase. 6 days after I made a report. World-class much? Think again.

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