Thursday, July 26, 2012

it's not much, but...

So... how's your Ramadhan so far? Mine is a whole lot different this year as I now have a husband to look after, instead of jaga my own perut me, myself and I. A whole lot of responsibilities, alright, but Alhamdulillah, I'm taking it all in a stride. Hubster's been very understanding, despite my 'unusual' working hours. He's a very patient man, that man of mine.

Cooking for Hubster, it can be pretty daunting. I have this little uncertainty niggling that my cooking is not up to Hubster's par. So far, though, it's good. Hubster's not the fussy type. A simple dude. Nasi dengan ikan goreng saja pun jalan. What a lucky girl I am, yes?

Guess that is all for now. I leave you with this...

Salam Ramadhan al - Mubarak, my friends!


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