Thursday, April 20, 2006

My 10 currently fave songs

Ok, so I've been listening to the radio 24/7 nowadays to escape the tension of final exams and I found out some of the best song to listen to nowadays, in my opinion larr... Here goes...

  1. What's Left of Me; Nick Lachey (I don't care what ppl say about this guy. I just love the song k..)
  2. The Line is Dead; Jason Lo (check out the lyrics. J.Lo is so cool!)
  3. If I Were You; Hoobastank (again, check out the lyrics...)
  4. Hips Don't Lie; Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean (dunno why... I just love the beat)
  5. Walk Away; Kelly Clarkson (I'm a fan of Kelly...)
  6. Blind; Lifehouse (their songs are so meaningful)
  7. Bad Day; Daniel Powter (nice song...)
  8. You're Beautiful; James Blunt (at first, I don't really like this song but it just grew on me. Nice song nevertheless...)
  9. Confessions of A Broken Heart; Lindsay Lohan (I like the lyrics and I like the way Lindsay sang the song)
  10. Catch Your Wave; Click Five (okay, so, another boyband...what the heck...)

There you go. Though there are some songs I can't remember the title...duh...If you wanna check out the lyrics of the songs, just go to

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