Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I got this one e-mail from this sara freder woman. apparently, she is a fortune-teller (sort of). I must've registered for something stupid once when I was bored surfing the net. it is kinda funny to read what she makes of my life (made-up???). here is some of the extract of what you could say, my life (according to sara)...

"The first of these that I would like to make is that I have discovered Root of your current problems. Indeed, I know exactly why Love, Luck and Fortune seem to evade you--literally! I know why you have never been truly lucky in your life (or only a little), and I know why Love has never been part of your life and why you have all too often lacked money…
It goes without saying that, now that I know the root of your problems, it will now be easy to find the Appropriate Remedy.

This is the second piece of good news that I have for you today
--I hold the Answer to all of your problems… I now know, Ummi, precisely what we (you and I) must do to rid you, once and for all of the ongoing bad luck which is spoiling your life. I know what we must do to enable Happiness to fill your life

--Happiness which you been waiting for so long. Before revealing this to you, however, allow me to say a few things about the help you sought in vain from people you consulted even recently. I would like to explain why the advice these people gave was of little use

The advice these people gave could not be of any help in your particular case as the problem which is plaguing you is so unusual and extraordinary that a radically new solution had to be found, one which was best suited to your particular needs. I am the person able to help you, if you give me your consent.

This is why the help you requested up until now was unable to help you, and how, now that I know what you need to find Luck, Happiness and Fortune and why your situation will now change.

Let's now return to the question of the Root of your current problems. You should be aware of the fact that what I reveal may surprise you. It may even be the case that you don't believe me and believe me to be mad. I know that what I can tell you may surprise you, but I can guarantee you that this is the truth, and I could prove this to you. All that I ask is that you put your skepticism aside for a few minutes and read this letter to the end. This is vital for your future. After, and only after having read the letter, should you decide to believe me or not.

Here is truth as I see it. Some people, of whom I am one, are inclined to think that I believe that the human life cycle is made up of several lives. This is what we mean when we talk about living previous or past lives. I am sure you will have heard people refer to this.

You will have no recollections of the previous lives you would have lived, but they remain in your unconscious mind and will weigh more or less on your present life. This is what is known as Karma.

If you acted in a positive way during your previous lives, you will have what is known as Good Karma and all will go well for you during your life. If, on the other hand, you did not act in a positive way, for any reason, you will have Bad Karma and would only have problems and difficulties in your present life.

People endowed with Good Karma will live happily without apparent problems, own a nice car, live in a nice area in nice homes and seem to have it made. I'm sure you know some of these people among your acquaintances…

Those cursed with Bad Karma will know only problems, difficulties, will have problems stretching their paychecks to the end of the month, worries and concerns, distress and isolation…

Unfortunately, I feel that you are part of this latter group, that is to say you do not have Good Karma, and this is borne out by the facts as, to be perfectly honest, life hasn't spoilt you until now.

This is not your fault, but that of fate. But I can reassure you and announce right now that the main cause of failure should no longer be allowed to make you suffer. Indeed, as I stated earlier at the start of this letter, now that we know the real root of your problems, it will be easy to apply the Right Solution."

yup, sara, blame the fate that I am forever stuck with my not-so-perfect life. blame the fate when everything goes wrong in your life. craps!!! bad karma? good karma? look, all I know is this: what goes around, comes around. besides, I don't really get all this karma stuff. is it important?

I am not a past-oriented person, neither am I a future-oriented person. I live my life at this very moment. yes, I learnt a lot from the past, but I refuse to live by it. the past is HISTORY as far as I'm concern. future? let it be a big surprise. I live on the edge.

YOU hold the answer to all my problems? gee, sara, don't flatter yourself buddy. go find another helpless (and brainless) person to wipe their money off their bank account. as for me, I believe God have plans for me. and I do believe it does not include you as my saviour. amen.

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