Thursday, June 08, 2006

am I a miserable person??

I went to wani's blog... and I saw this under her link : ummi's blog-too much anger is not good for your soul-.

hmm... that got me thinking... really thinking...

  • does it mean I am always angry?
  • does my blog reflects that I am a negative person?
  • am I complaining too much?
  • am I a miserable person?

the only thing that pisses me off these days is... hmm... lets see... oof, I can't find one. honestly.

I wake up every morning, hoping for a good or positive start for the day. I am determined to make my day a good one. every single day. but, I do not decide how it will be like by the end of the day.

I don't know... maybe I think too much... maybe I have issues in my life (who doesn't?)...

wani, maybe you could clarify for me?


  1. hey, umi. wani is just being mean la. she put adiba's not so good blog for the link to mine ok. now that's worse
    (she's jealous, because ours are cooler hahahaha)

    i don't think you're that angry really. it's just that sometimes we have to get angry at somethin if that somethin is not right correct?

    don't worry about it la...

    p/s nice template u got here btw

  2. hye adiba...
    come to think of it, yup, u r rite :p
    after all, we are humans...
    thanx anyway...

  3. oh n it is thru ur blog i got this template...hehehe
    thanx again

  4. adiba's rite, i'm just joking. are you mad at me?

    p/s: i miss you

    p/p/s: don't listen to adiba, she only has mean things to say about me.

  5. don't be silly. i'm not mad at u, nevr will be. n yeah, miss u 2. in case my boss is considerate enough to give us some allowance, i'll give u a treat 4 ur birthday.
    know u'll like that :p

  6. hehehe. i'm gonna love u forever. thank you!


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