Wednesday, July 05, 2006

what the...!

Okay, up until now, there are so many things I wanna say. I have to let it out one way or another or I'll explode :P
  • This morning, as I got onto the Rapid KL bus from Putra LRT Dato' Keramat to Desa Pandan, a very unpleasant smell invaded my smelling sense. Blearghh! It smelt like lori angkut sampah! The people in the bus were covering their nose and I thought I saw a woman going very green in the face. Then, I saw a wet spot on the floor at the front and it was slimy. Double blearghh! I bet the putrid smell must come from that slime. I was forced to sit through the 15-20 minutes journey to the office. Nearly choked myself to death. The smell stucks with me still. What choice do we have? We have to get to work, rite? Die, die, die!
  • Last night, the fucking Norman guy sent me 2 sms. And he called a couple of times. Small matter. But what really ticked me off is this: "Kenapa awak x reply sms saya ni? Saya call pun awak x nak jawab. Apa masalah awak ni?". Hohoho, he made it sound like it was my fault that we are not friends! Die la you jerk!
  • Why is it that men (okay, some of them, anyway) always fall in love so quickly? Did I mislead them into believing that I fancy them rotten? I told them that I have a boyfriend and that I love him. Didn't they get it? I said 'friends' and they thought I meant 'lovers'. I am never going to be nice to other people again (specifically the male species). Die la all of you!

There... I let it all out... phew!


  1. ahoy there...long time no, aren't you a tad bit ticked off...haha.. i guess its normal lah in malaysia for the goverment to protect its interests. Actually its normal everywhere in the world, 'cept for here in "Bolehland" we take the term "goverment protectionism" to a whole new level where the goverments choice of firms are not only spoon fed but everything tedious is also digested/extracted and spat back in...:D I think they're jsut trying to save 'muka' only. I mean, look at ANY major malaysian firm associeted with the goverment and your bound to find some serious holes in them. Not only MAS is being operated by braindead pencil pushers but so is Proton, perwaja, Rashid Hussein Bank., etc... although all these companies would have long gone six feet under in a fair competition in the so called 'free market' the govermnet so often indicates they still somehow don't. They can't, they government won't allow for it. simple reason being that "You cannot allow the PRIDE of the nation to die" even if it means pumping ridiculously enormous sums of money to revitilize the firm. money which could have been put to better use, per se medical benefits, social welfare, etc. but instead, just to keep their 'pride' all that money goes down to a dying company which is going no where but down...

  2. yer.. lelaki memang macam tu.. bile kite baik.. disalah ertikan.. bile kita malas layan dikate kite sombonk.. apekah perkataan.. besh men win masih nak dpraktikkan mereka???

  3. hey there manny...long time no see :P. i have to agree wif u always. but then again, we can only complain, no? aku setuju. mentaliti diorg nih mmg kat tahap cipan..


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