Tuesday, July 04, 2006

pleasant read

It's quiet hard for me to pick up a book and read it nowadays, but yet I found that it is impossible not to read. Where there's a will, there's a way. I don't mind staying up until the wee hours in the morning to finish a particularly interesting book (done that so many times already :p).

Now, I won't say that Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my favourite author but her novels are good (if not great). I remember the first novel I read that was written by her is Ain't She Sweet?. I was actually smittened by that novel because of the main character as well as the backdrop setting of the novel. The dialogues were witty and dripped with sarcasm. The story was... well, lets just say, not very typical kinda story (at least not the boy-meets-girl-and-they fall-in-love-at-first-sight kinda story). And, it tells a story of a woman who is trying so hard to live her life by making up to all the people she once crossed while surviving it all with dignity and what's left of her life (it ain't much I can tell you). All I can say is this novel is one of my favourites.

Then, I read Breathing Room. It was just about okay, I guess. At one point, it can get a bit annoying reading this novel. I think I skipped a few pages because I just could not stand the heroin's self-pity and all her psychobabble. She is one uptight woman. Nevertheless, the ending is kinda sweet and makes you smile when you finish reading it.

And then came Nobody's Baby But Mine. Okay, I actually like this one better than Breathing Room though I don't think the title suits the story very much. Apart from that, it's another good one from Phillips. I enjoyed it (up until 2 a.m. just to finish it) . Cal Bonner and Jane Darlington is just hilarious together (even irritating at one point) but one character that added the spunk to this novel is definitely Annie Glide, Cal's grandmother. She is one cool 'old bat'! I just discovered that this is just one of the Chicago Stars' (that's the American football team Cal played for) books written by Mrs. Phillips. Now that I've read this one, I have to read others as well, especially Kevin Tucker's story.

All said and done, I have to say that maybe, Susan E. Phillips is my favourite author :p

P/S: Wani, her latest, Match Me If You Can is kinda interesting. Maybe we could check it out sometimes (if we both could find the time)?


  1. ummi beli la, wani takde duit. nak beli buku pun takde duit. sedih.huhuhuhu.

  2. man, that is sooo sad! me ain't rich gal oso what. tnggu fulus babe. but i'll try my best ok..


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