Monday, September 25, 2006

bloggers appreciation

I've been meaning to do this for quiet sometimes, but then my blog kinda disappeared and I was discourage to do so. But now, the blog is back and there could be no better time than now to do this.
Let me start off by saying that a blog could mean nothing at all to some people. A person once told me that he hates blogger because 'bloggers ni syok sendiri'. His words were like a dagger stabbing my heart. He also said that bloggers only write about themselves. Well, heck, how shallow can one be! I told him not to be quick to judge. But he said 'itulah kenyataannya'. Obviously he knows nothing about blog or the bloggers. I say: Biarkan Si Luncai dengan labu-labunya.
For all I know, each and every single blog is unique. They tell different story. They have their own identity. I know that what is written on every blog comes from the blogger's heart. It's passion. Not 'sekadar suka-suka'.
Here's what I thought of some of my fellow bloggers...
A very close friend of mine, she is the one who inspires me to start a blog. A very opiniated lady I must say this one. I like her blog because it screams 'This is ME' (at least I thought so). No pretense, no nonsense. Simply Wani to the core.
Man oh man... I just lurvvvv her blog! It's witty and thoughtful. One post I love the most is "Lynne's Ribena?Long Island Ice Tea Challenge". Why so? Because I'm a Ribenaholic and I thought it is plain ridiculous that Ribena contains alcohol. And the list she made... that was soooo hilarious. Good one, Lynne!
This blog oozes personality. Adiba's personality, that's it. Her devil-may-care attitude appeals so much to me. Frankness is Adiba's currency, first and last. You go girl!
Ahah! This is one blogger who I always look forward to read his comments. Berpandangan jauh. That's Manny. =)
Qasieh's blog is always a pleasure to read. Funny most of the times, touching sometimes. It is originally Qasieh, just the way I know her. Simple yet heartfelt. Just keep it coming Qasieh!
There are so many other great bloggers around. Just take a moment to go through their blog and keep an open mind. Who knows, maybe you'll find something interesting...


  1. hehe, jumpa jugak. takut gak mana tau betul apa yang adiba cakap, kang jenuh nak keluar duit nak ikat jamin ummi.

  2. wah... malu sungguh.. sayep sungguh malu.. hehhe tq layd... mmmmuuuuah untuk layd... :)

  3. wani: hahaha...jgn wooo...x rela i...rekod seumur hidup tuh...

    qasieh: aku jujur aje babe...

  4. devil may care huh? lol

    thanks ummi, you made me wanna write even more


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