Monday, November 06, 2006

selamat hari raya

Good God! Just how long has it been??? Too long, I must say. Well, been having problem with the PC and then the internet line... technical stuff (not my thing!).

But hey, I'm still around! And hopefully, it is still not too late to wish everyone


Speaking of Hari Raya, I must say that this year's Hari Raya had been A BLAST! Short one, but it was definitely one of the best Hari Raya I ever had. It was so... I dunno how to describe it. Nice? Wonderful? Both maybe. I just love it. I love Hari Raya, in fact. It is the time when the whole family got together and have lots and lots of fun. It was fun, alright.

We went back to Kedah 2 days before Raya and stayed at my aunt's house in Sungai Petani (she's my mother's sister. My mother is the eldest in the family). 2 of my mother's brothers also went to stay there with their family so the house was full. 25 people at one time! Just imagine.

Anyways, here's a pic that I like best. It was taken on the first day of Raya...

There... nice pic eh? Is there really 25 people in the pic?
Guess who's missing?


  1. Haha... selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin

    let me guess who's missing
    ... the cameramen la......

  2. eh... sori.. enterprem lagi

    dalam gambar tu ada 26 orang la, duduk atas lantai = 8
    duduk atas kerusi = 5
    Berdiri atas kaki = 13
    Total sume manusia = 26 orang sahaja

    so.. takde yg missing but ade yang tak sepatutnya ada dlm gambar.. huhu.. saper tuh.. misteri ni.. kene panggil uncle seeker..

  3. uikk frat...
    long time no see...hehehe...
    yela...correction, ade 26 org dlm pic tu...
    lagi satu mane gune cameraman amek gambo nih...gune timer je beb...hehehe...
    so, who's missing???

  4. ala... still wanna ask whose missing aarr... kite kene kawen ngan awak dulu, baru kite tau saper yg missing...

    well.. setuju??? :D

  5. hahaha...
    setuju sgt frat...
    wani mesti tau sape yg xde dlm pic ni...
    kan wani kan???

  6. Frat^boy jawabkan on behalf wani:

    tak tau le ummi... hihih

    (saper wani??)


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