Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the final goodbye... (part i)

Yesterday, 2nd January 2007, this daddy's girl truly lost her daddy... and it was so heartbreaking that tears just won't stop coming. Everything happened in a slow motion instead of the quick-and-fast I used to read in the novels. It was the longest day in my life... it was the most emotional day of all my life for 21 years... and I never want to go through it ever again.

Rest in peace, abah. I'll miss you always and forever...


  1. ummi honey... i'm so sorry... and
    you're right about it being slow and painful... so be strong aite.... i know how easy it is to say it than it is to actually do it, but you gotta be aite... i'm so sorry and i mean it really...

  2. jangan fikirkan sangat semua tu. pompuan bangang tu akan terima balasan dari tuhan for everything she did to your family.just be strong.

    errr, malam ni makan apa?

  3. my condolences to you, my dear... let the tears out, it's your way to honor the memory of your father - i.e. no matter what the history between you, you did love him. Take it from me - that's a rare and good thing!

  4. adiba: thanx. i will be strong for the my mother's sake...

    wani: what she did, its beyond redemption. let god deal with it.

    lynne: tq very much. i did love him...still do...

  5. Ummi, be strong like your mama.. even stronger

  6. aite frat...i'll try...


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