Sunday, April 22, 2007

a battle to win

I am a survivor. No matter what, I'll survive. I refuse to give up in any matter involving my life. And thus, I will win this battle. I want to win. Battle apela pulak minah ni ye, you may ask. This is the battle most of us must go through. The battle of FINAL EXAMINATION! Hahaha.
I have 7 paper to sit for this semester. Yeah people, 7 paper. Adoiii... pengsan beb~
The 7 paper:
  1. French
  2. Law of Travel Industry
  3. Hospitality Accounting *shudders*
  4. Domestic Tourism
  5. Tourism Marketing
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Basic of Entrepreneurship

Of all the paper, I am terrified to sit for the accounting paper. 'Coz I am definitely hopeless when it comes to numbers and accounts.

But, regardless of everything, this is one battle I MUST win. This concerns my future. So, wish me luck ya~!


  1. All the best!
    Lefthanded sure tere one hehe
    Accounts - tips - answer the questions as if you are 'calculatiing' your own money/budget

  2. Frat^boy yg kacak7:00:00 PM

    Good Luck ...


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