Saturday, April 14, 2007

i crave fun

My blog has a new face! Yay~! I love the previous template, but... pening dah tengok. Furthermore, it was difficult to manage my postings with that template, so I decided to change it to one that is simpler and where the wordings are easier to read.

So, the last 2 or 3 weeks had been hectic. What with the assignments to complete, tests, quizzes bla bla bla... haish... student's life, what to do. But in between all that, something else happened. And it has definitely change my perspective towards life, especially towards this relationship named friendship. Aha... a few raised eyebrows there?

Come, I'll share with you the story. Usually, I won't do this but this time I need others' perspective or 2 cents of the situation.

It started off with an assignment on the law of agency where we were given a case study and we have to do a presentation on the assignment. So, a day before the presentation, I told one of my group members (there were 3 of us) to meet up at ABC (a mamak stall) at 9 pm. I was there at exactly 9 pm. 5 minutes later, R joined me.

R: Lame dah sampai?
I: Takdelah. Dah bagitau A ke kite nak jumpe ni?
R: Dah, dah sms dia dah. Dia yang suruh R tanye kat Ummi bile nak buat discussion.
I: Oooo...

I nodded understandingly because between A and me, there was some kind of misunderstanding. Takpelah then. So, we started the discussion without A because we did not want to waste our time. A appeared 40 minutes later. 40 minutes? Yep, my friends, 40 minutes later. R and me, explained to her a bit about what we have discussed earlier. This was what she said...

A: Takpelah, korang buatla. Nanti Ummi explainla semua kat A eh?
I: Nape? A tgh watpe tu?
A: Tutorial law yang soalan 3 ngan 4 tu. Ummi dah buat?
I: Belum.
R: Assignment ni belum buat lagi sibuk buat tutorial (jokingly)

A just grinned. So, R and me continued with our discussion. I wanted to finish it early because Supernatural will be on that night. As I was the one who lined up all the answers and R wrote all the main points, we gave it to A to type the whole thing because she had volunteered to do it earlier. Work done? Nope.

I: A buat full sentences tau. Jangan buat point form pulak. Point form tu untuk handout.
A: Hah? Buat full sentence? Ummi bagila ayat. A mane tau nak buat camne. Ni yang mane issue dia, yang mane application, conclusion?

Obviously she wasn't paying any attention at all. So ok, I explained it again. But she still looked somewhat lost. So I decided to take over her job.

I: Takpelah. Biar Ummi type yang ni. A buat handout untuk classmate ok?
A: Ok
Work done? Now can I go and watch Supernatural? Not yet.
A: Ummi, tolongla A buat tutorial ni. Tak taulaaa....
I: Ummi pun tak buat lagi A oii...

But I ended up helping her gak. And yes, I missed Supernatural. Takpelah. Kawan punye pasal. Luckily, the presentation did not happened the next day. We had to edit the assignment.

Pn. Kanni: You have to elaborate more on this and that and bla bla bla bla bla....

Okay. So I need to made a few adjustments. Easy. We meet up again the night before the presentation.

A: Ummi dah siap ke edit assignment tu?
I: Belum lagi. Ade sikit lagi.

And she went silent. Suddenly, I got an SMS. Her picture popped on the screen. I thought: Ei? Nape lak budak ni SMS aku sedangkan aku ade depan mate dia? Opened the SMS, which sounded exactly like this:

Umi wat lg daa..Law x siap2.Pe dia wat r..

There. I had to reread the SMS a few times to really understand it. And when the realization of it all dawned upon it slowly, I was shocked to the core. The SMS was obviously not meant for me. I showed the SMS to my housemate (bless her). My hands were shaking and without warning, tears rolled down my cheek. I had to excuse myself and together with my housemate, we went home.

I considered A to be my best friend. Best friend. And she had to go and do things like that. She had to go behind my back. The SMS was meant for Z. Me and Z once were buddy. Now? Not even close. That is a whole different story altogether.

Maybe, I am to blame here...


  1. uish, sapa budak tu?wani penah jumpa dia ke? memang nak kena penampar je budak ni.

    ada prob la bila nak bagi komen. dia kata invalid username.macam hampeh je.

    dah balik kl ke? kita gi book fair sesama nak? and then i'll treat you to some nice ice-cream from baskin, ok?

  2. i tell u who wani...
    igt x bdk2 yg kite bwk g berjaya tu? 2 of them la. long story babe.

    book fair bile?

  3. I i were you..thats the last assignment i will ever do with and forever..consider yrself lucky to know her true colours smiling!!keep shining

  4. neomesuff: i forwarded the sms back to her n from that moment, no words were exchanged between the two of us. i ended the friendshp right there and then.Z took the opportunity to rub salt into the wound. she spreaded lies about me to my friends. Z is an excellent student, a dean's list student. i always admired her. now, thinking back, i know, she worth not one single thing.

  5. book fair start 26/4-6/5 kat pwtc. yang mana satu budak-budaknya? muka tak ingat la.

    dah ada kat kl ke? malas nak mesej. you never replied any of mine anyway.

  6. Frat^boy Yg Hensem11:10:00 PM

    hoh... macam drama swasta pulak..

    sekarang ni kawan pn tak leh nak percaya 100%..


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