Friday, July 06, 2007

no more mr. i'm-the-richest-man-in-the-world for you, bill

Okay, so check this out. I, honestly, always have some kind of this resentment towards Mr. Gates. Why? You may ask. Well, he is:

  • Super duper rich

  • Super duper genius

  • Super duper generous

  • Super duper geek

  • Super duper lame

  • Super duper everything

That is waaaay too much for a man to have in one lifetime. And he's Harvard's most successful dropout, for mercy sake! If I, like dropout of the university right now, my life would be miserable. Most of us are not as smart as you are, Bill. Forgive me if somehow I seem to be whining and complaining (I am, actually!) but that man seems to be able to do all the right thing at the right time. Some people are so lucky.

But, alas! Somebody managed to snag the very title from him. Great. Another super duper rich person. Richer than Bill Gates himself! Lucky devil. He looks kinda gangster-ish to me *tee-hee*.

Honestly, though, while resenting Bill Gates for all his net worth, I admire him for all his works. I admire his boundless generosity along with his wife, Melinda. In short, I have deep respect for Mr. Gates. He could be filthy rich and everything, but still he is one cool dude for coming up with Microsoft. Cheers, Bill!


  1. yahh.. but at least dia ada sorang jer bini.. kalau kat malaysia.. mau cukupkan syarat.. aekekekeke

  2. kang ramai2 abehla reta dia...kene bayaq alimony ke hape...pre-nuptial agreement blablabla...

  3. bill gates rox! wutever it is.. he's still rich....~~ $$$

  4. Frat^boy: Janji kaya kan...nombor satu ke, lapan ke... he still have LOTS of money!


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