Monday, July 30, 2007

rain rain go away...

It rains a lot these days. Morning, afternoon, evening, night. The wet time of the year is here. And it's cold kinda wet. It's raining as I typed this entry, and it makes me feel kinda sleepy *grins*. Somehow, the rain makes home more appealing to be at rather than any other place on this earth. It's the best excuse to be at home, lounging around watching tv, or blogging *tee-hee*. Or maybe sleeping. The joy of being at home.... ~sigh~

I so wish I could stay at home today, tomorrow and forever...


  1. and u forgot one thing.. its a good time for chatting with frens and view ur webcam.. aekekekeke :P

  2. hey... at least it brings a smile to ma face kan... :P


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