Tuesday, October 09, 2007

muhammad syaqirin b. zulkifli

Yep, you read the title right. After posting about his birthday, I feel the urge to tell you more about this little hero of mine. Let me introduce all of you to Muhammad Syaqirin b. Zulkifli, my little brother and the apple of my eye, and my mom, too, of course!

Syaqirin was born on 7th of October 1995. The story behind his coming into this world is rather a fascinating one, albeit a bit sad. When my mother was pregnant with him, my sisters and I were up north because we were living with my aunt while my mother was in KL. Circumstances brought us apart for about 2 years, but it was OK. It taught us to be more appreciative to each other. Back to the story, the truth is, we were never really aware of my mother's pregnancy. Out of the blue, one day, we got a phone call saying that we got a baby brother. A baby brother! After 6 sisters (not that I'm not thankful for that, mind you), I finally have a brother! I was so happy. Nothing could ever describe the happiness that came over us that day.

A week after he was born, my mother boarded a plane straight to Alor Setar. A week! Imagine. See, my mother had no one to look after her in KL. In Alor Setar, my grandma was there and so was my aunt, and so were we. As my mother went through her pantang, I looked after my little brother with such protectiveness that it bordered on obsession *tee-hee*. I just couldn't help it.

The first name meant for this little boy was Muhammad Adam, but my mother thought it doesn't sound right. So, she changed it to Muhammad Syaqirin. Such a beautiful name, but we prefered to call him Baby. I know, I know... a bit off for a boy to be called 'Baby'. That nickname stuck to him for a long time. Well, now we usually call him Qirin, but the 'Baby' calling slips occassionally. He was actually the one who ordered us to stop calling him 'Baby'. He won't answer to 'Baby' anymore. Me? My fave nick for him is 'Cik', short for Kecik (small).

Then, we moved back to KL to live with my mother. By this time, he was about 6-12 months old. My mother was an extremely busy woman back then. She was always out of town. We were to look after ourselves at that time. I was 11. No maid or bibik whatsoever. We only have each other. That was when I learn the meaning of being independent and the meaning of responsibility. I guess it was at this time as well that Syaqirin really grew attach to me. I fed him, I washed him, I put him to sleep. Everything. I did it without any complaints. I did it out of love.

It was some time later than that we were told about my mother's delivery. When she first felt the pain, she was all alone at home. There was no one to take her to the hospital. She couldn't even drive at that time. She had to call a friend to help her out (Allah bless her). I cried when I heard the story. My mother has gone through a lot. When he was born, the person who whispered the Azan to his ear was a doctor (whoever he was, Allah bless him, too). It was heart-breaking to know that both my mother and my brother were left without a family during that time. Such were the circumstances all of us had gone through. However, the hikmah of it all, it brought us closer to each other. We are a close-knit family. For us, family comes first, no matter what.

As a boy growing up with 7 girls, people always wonder how will he turn out. I am happy to report that he is very normal, just like any other boy who is mischievous and rather naughty and fiercely independent. I think he got that from each of us. He irons his own school uniform, washes his own shoe, folds his own clothes, sweeps his own room. He had been doing it since he was 9 or 10. I am very proud of him. Of course, there were some incidents here and there. One being when somebody told us he had been smoking. Yep, smoking. At the age of 12. I was horrified but kept my cool. My mother asked him about it and he was very honest about it. He didn't lie or deny the smoking incident. And he promised never to do it again. In fact, he was very ashamed of it. I trust him with all my heart.

He had grown up so fast my little brother. I used to held him in my arms, inhaled his baby smell, playing with him. Sigh. No more that little guy who I used to wake up in the middle in the night to attend to. He is a big boy now. But still, a 'manja' one. And a very loyal little brother. He is more loyal to me than my mother! *chuckles* He kisses me whenever he has the chance. Always that long, fierce kasi-penyek-pipi-Along kinda kiss. Still ask me to carry (dukung) him. Ahh... my not-so-little brother...

Just keep smiling like that ....


  1. ummie....thank you for this special post on Syaqirin..."baby"...I read this with a mixed feeling....of
    - pride reading abt how independent and responsible you were! I am truly proud of you....*hugs* <--brotherly one.
    - Touched by what ur mother went through....in giving birth to 'baby' and also in raising all of u...
    - More pride....on how u hv didik ur adik2, especially 'Baby' in being independent too...

    I wish to know u and ur family one day....InsyAAllah...:)

    May God bless...


  2. beshnye ramai adek beradek..
    must be nice by having so many of u in ur siblings..
    i hv only 2 younger brothers and they r must more bigger than me now..and i look like their little sister...

  3. Abg Idham: thank u, thank u n thank u... there's a lot more to be said actually. next time maybe :)

    heartless devilish: where would i be without them... totally lost

  4. seb baik adek badek aku 9 orang jer :) hehehehe.. cuma yg sorang nie jer yang tak brapa bertanggungjawab.. aekekekeke :)
    waa..one eppi family at home.

  5. that was very nicely written for the encem boy.. i love him already and you..you are a very caring sis!

    Epi Raya!

  6. bdk ni mcm setan... setan..!! (tiru cara ckp zafirah)


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