Monday, November 19, 2007

congratulations angah!!!

A proud moment. That what it was yesterday as I watched Angah, decked in the dark blue robe and mortar board accepted her diploma from UiTM's VC in Shah Alam. Mama and I went to our first convocation yesterday. It might be only a diploma, but it meant a lot to her, to Mama and to me as well. It was a start for many other convos, I hope. Angah is now doing her Degree in International Business at UiTM Shah Alam right after finishing her Diploma in Bank Management. She worked hard for the diploma and I know that she earned her reward. She's working even harder for her degree. Angah is like that, always working hard, always serious about her studies (my exact opposite *tee-hee*) Here's a post dedicated especially to you, Angah.

Congratulations, Sis!!! May you succeed in your life...


  1. congratulation to ur sister, angah!

  2. wah~~ sudey convo~~!! hoho

    congrats kak ngah~~ budak first in our circle-of-gila2-3rd-generation femili yg dh convo~~!!

  3. Yeaa!! Kudos 2 Kak Ngah. Emm btw, she looked beautiful plus wif dat make-up. the hee he. Yup, kak Ngah mmg slalu seyes, x penah ponteng tusyen pown woo..siap mamai g. Best of luck to her:)


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