Friday, December 14, 2007

the 3 sis-teers

This is the story of 3 sis-teers.

The 3 sis-teers go to the same university but in different states.

The 3 sis-teers always work hard for their studies. Well, at least 2 of them really are, while the eldest pretended to work hard.

The 3 sis-teers struggled hard for the recent examination.

And the 3 sis-teers prevailed! Hooray!!!

And they definitely deserved the trip to McDonald's to celebrate their not-so-perfect GPAs. At least they passed, no?

Sis-teer #1
Finally passed the Event Management paper after 3 times repeating the subject! And she also passed the paper where she carelessly left a 10-marks question unanswered (padan muka!).

Sis-teer #2
Struggled with her first year as a degree student. Never easy. Her paper sucks most of the times and she sometimes feel a bit lost as to what she is studying.

Sis-teer #3
Every semester is a struggle, and she chose the recent semester to rebel by skipping classes. She got her lecturers pissed at her rebellion and she was almost sure that she'll fail at least one subject.

But the 3 sis-teers will not be repeating any subject because they passed all their papers!

Kids, please don't try this at home.


  1. akak penah repeat paper..
    miakakakaka...giler kentang..
    tetido masa exam...

  2. 3 sis-teers? I lyke it! Anyway, I'll be back on top of my game anytime soon bebeh. Hehe.. if I don't lets just pretend that I haven't post a comment about dis

  3. pak cik idham./....bukan setakat repeat paper....hehehe....pernah repeat tahun lagi./...tapi as u say, usah di cuba2 di rumah!

    hoorayyyy to the 3-sis-ters!

    Pak Cik idham

  4. congrats, congrats

  5. heartless devilish: pehhh...mmg gile kentangla akak nieyh. camno leh tertdo?

    greeny: all the best bebeh! lets take on the world together

    Pak Cik Idham: sekali kene, pasti x hendak lagi! never ever try this at home ya kiddies!

    wani: thanx babe. gud luck to you wpon da abes exam. btw, where's your comment box?

  6. congratulations on passing the papers dear..

  7. tq ummi hikhik mana ade tua:P

  8. adiba: thank you!

    yudy: sile terime kenyataan okek.hahaha

  9. wuuu.. sangat takut kalau kena repeat paper. congrats ummi! you bila abis eh?

  10. cepotet: thanx bebeh. insya allah lepas abes praktikel ni abehla.leh grad jua akhirnye. :P


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