Monday, December 10, 2007


Honestly, the reason why I wanted to watch this movie is because of Patrick Dempsey. However, after watching the movie, Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip is hardly memorable. I could remember Giselle (Amy Adams), Prince 'Charming' Edward (James Marsden), Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) and even Pip the chipmunk (voiced by Jeff Bennett) vividly, but not Robert. But I'm happy to report that overall, the movie did not disappoint.

The movie is funny, endearing and charming. All that feel-good stuff in a package. It's a classic Good vs. Evil genre from Disney. It's a modern day fairy tale with a twist. Yet another winner from them. Playing the sweet and innocent Giselle, Amy Adams made her character so alive that I almost believe Andalasia exists. James Marsden as Prince Edward, meanwhile, had the perfect comedic timing. Pip the chipmunk is infectious and so cute!

Having said all that, I personally believe that Ratatouille is still the best animation movie to date. Ratatouille gave me more satisfaction in terms of entertainment and quality. But still, Enchanted is quiet enchanting, I must say.


  1. Ratatouille?
    jgn sebut leh?
    pakcik dah nak muntah tgk citer tu..
    si pia ari2 pasang dvd citer tu..
    pakcik siap dah ingat every scene..

  2. pakcik: Ratatouille tu tersgtla best taw... walaupun saye gelik tgk tikus yg sgt byk tu. hahaha~

  3. stardust pun sangat best (sori tak kena mengena) tapi nak jgak cakap. stardust best!

  4. muadzlife: go and watch the movie. it's a feel-good one.

    adiba: baru je abeh donlod movie tuh (oops!) will watch it this coming weekend

  5. aaaaa... apasal suma org nk tgk enchanted sbb mcdreamy tu eh? x besh pon dieee....!

    btw, apart from that.. it was a nice story, wasnt it? left me smiling mcm doraemon all the way out from the cinema.. hehe.

    nxt movie on my movie-must-watch list : national treasure 2, books of secret... jom tgk ramai2!! nic cage nic cage nic caaaage!!

  6. ~lalala~: sbb mcdreamy tu encem! hehe. and yes, it's definitely a good movie! very delightful.

    must watch National Treasure!


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