Tuesday, January 22, 2008

is there something in the air?

I mean, most people in the blog arena is/was sick lately. Last 2 weeks Kakak was hit with a fever. Then last week, Aishah was also hit with a fever. She is yet to fully recover. And yesterday, Kak Ngah and me got the fever bug as well! *sniff sniff*

I could not even move yesterday. I could only throw up and slept through the day, from morning until evening. Mama took me to the clinic in the evening. Doc said my temperature is a tad bit high (38.7 C) and both my tonsils are swollen. Yikes! My muscles hurt everywhere, my head ache, even my eyeballs hurt! Today I feel a lot more better.

Mama must be worried sick. 3 of her kids have fever and another one is infected with something weird. First, there was blood in her pee. Then, she feels pain down there when urinating. Then, she could not err... (what's "berak" in English?) properly. Aanywaay... kesian Mama kan?

Really, is there something in the air?

***Updated: Last night, my little brother became yet another victim. Kesian dia. Mama was up from 3 a.m to look after him and did not go to sleep. She had to go to work. Kesian Mama. Syaqirin was crying a few minutes ago because he had a headache. His body is still hot. After wiping his body with a wet towel, I persuaded him to go to sleep. God knows who's next.


  1. Infected... hehe

    the air at my place is so far virus free

  2. omg! yang,i pun demam...

    tak suka tak suka!

    p/s- i owe u a tag. teehee.. nanti i buat k?

  3. get well soon dear..

  4. neome: keep the virus as far away as possible!

    adiba: a'ah. tak suka! tak suka! dun worry bout the tag. take your time

    cepotet: tenks dear

  5. hi....
    take care
    n get well very soon :)

  6. aisey... jgn mls2 mkn obat

    get well soon ebiribadi~~

  7. dah ok lom dik?
    akak tak demam..
    tp sakit gg...menusuk jiwa raga

  8. muadzlife: am well now. and kicking! thanx!

    suria: sume dh sihat walapiat dh

    Kak Reen: saye lebey rela demam sebln dr saket gg. tableh tahan~


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