Thursday, February 28, 2008

age is just a number

This grandma have my utmost respect for having the guts to go against big names in the upcoming General Election. She campaigns on her own and put up her own posters. She is 89 and she is doing everything on her own, no assistant whatsoever. Did I mention she have guts? Win or lose, you have my respect and my support. You go, grandma!

I wonder, if she really wins (manela tau kot² orang di sana mahukan suatu kelainan kan), where will all those big names hide their faces? Hmm...


  1. hehhe hehhe hehhe....

    mcm2 dgr citer pasai nenek nih...dia bertanding sekali ngan MatSabu kan???


  2. 13may: a'a bertanding dgn mat sabu. rock ar nenek nih. heheheh~

  3. kalau tak menang and dapat undi sikit pun dah kira okay ummi.. sebab tengokkan kesungguhan dia.. memang orang tak akan kata dia akan masuk calon pun.. kalau dia menang.. baru berjawab all big shots.. heheheee

  4. kak Neeza: kalau dia bebtol menang la kan kak, mau gamat malaysia jadinye kan? and yes, i do agree with u, even if x menang or undi sikit pn dh kira ok. at least dia bersungguh, even with the old age.

  5. m not sure about her mission...


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