Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm sorry, goodbye

Last night, this SMS came through my phone:

"Umi..I really (want) 2 know how about u now..If u still single plz reply my msg!"

This came from the person who once said I have no capability to love.
This came from the person who once told me that I forgot way too easily.
This came from the person who once said I took things for granted.
This came from the person who once told me that I am the person who is "tak mengenang budi".
This came from the person who once said I am an opportunistic liar.
This came from the person who once told me that he will never EVER contact me again.

I remember every single thing he did to me. I remember every little hurtful words he'd thrown to me. I remember every unappreciated moments. And you think I'm stupid enough to reply your message? You think I'm foolish enough to give you yet another chance? You ruined the last two chances, remember? For those tears I cried for you, it was a waste. Even my tears meant nothing to you because you are one selfish creature. Guess what? I've moved on. And I am not that desperate enough!


  1. talk about gila talak (though I know you haven't married to this guy). Next time, before saying something bad to people, think twice.. no.. think 1000 times! good day Ummi... there're many good men out there. cheer up!

  2. hehhe...hehhe

    tak terkomen plak :D

  3. :-) pakcik sokong!!!


  4. kimie: :)

    kak Neeza: mmg gila talak ni. so far 3 sms-es went unreplied. i'm very tempted to say "Move on la brader!". and yes, next time before saying something bad to other people think very2 long and hard because who knows, nnt kene jilat balik ludah sendiri kan

    13may: haih, sejak bile plak anda kehilangan kata2 ni? hehehe...

    pakcik idham: sokong kak Neeza eh? samela. hehehe (",)V

  5. lelaki macam tu suffers from inferiority complex. that's why he said what he said but still has the balls to come back. my two cents? revenge time la yang...

  6. hahahaha.. budusnya mamat, ini la yg dinamakan cakap tanpa berpikir.. buduh .. dan buduh..sedap aku jer taip kan? aekekekkee

  7. Bagus gak cakap cam tu.. and tambah sikit "Get a life!" heheheee.. memang akak geram orang macam ni...

  8. lelaki ni ada short term memory loss ke? ala macam dory dalam finding nemo tu. gila bodoh tak hingat lelaki ni. ni bukan setakat jilat ludah, muntah pun dia jilat balik.

  9. adiba: revenge ar? i think by not replying any of his message is revenge enough.

    incik man: mmg gitula lelaki itu. dia mmg suke bercakap tanpa berpikir. dh brape kali ckp dgn dia, ubahla perangai tu but no, dia tidak suka menggunakan otaknya.

    kak Neeza: he is 2 years older than me and yet, he is like 5 years younger than me. back then, i was the one with reasonable and sound mind in the relationship. that is reason enough for me to stay away from him

    wani: i have so many things to say to him but i am sure it will be a waste of time. why? because he is so selfish and spoilt, he won't be able to accept it. bleargh!

  10. jangan layan. lelaki camtu mmg tak patut dapat belas kasihan atau kasih sayang secubit pun. huh!

  11. cepotet: ini bercakap dr pengalaman kan kan kan? hehehe


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