Friday, February 01, 2008

a tiny scare...

Well, not really. 3.15 this morning...

"Kak Long, bangun, teman Mama pergi hospital jap,"
"Huh? Kenapa?"
"Jantung Mama ni berdegup cepat sangat, dari semalam lagi,"

No more questions asked. I jumped off the bed and changed my clothes. We then went to Hospital Selayang, with Mama driving the car herself. This isn't really the right time to blame Mama for not allowing me to take driving lessons, right? Right.

We went straight to the Emergency Department. Mama went for her check-up alone. She never allowed me to come with her. Oh well. I waited for around 15 minutes, then she came out. Few minutes later her name was called and off she went to the treatment room. I had to really shut my panic down and act as normal as I could.

4.30 a.m., still no sign of Mama. I could not sit still. I kept glancing at the double door leading to the treatment room, wondering if I should go in there or not. Finally I decided to brace myself and go in there. I tried very hard to ignore the what-ifs that were running mad in my head. No, no. Mama will be fine. I kept telling myself that.

Mama was hooked on the machine where the heartbeat is monitored (I don't know what's the name of that machine). Don't panic. Don't panic. I told myself over and over again. So I walked over to her as casually as I could.

"Nape?" I asked, keeping the tremble out of my voice.
"Tak ade ape-ape pun. Dia nak tunggu tengok je. Kenapa masuk sini? Pergila tunggu kat luar,"
"Boring," was all I could muster.
"Pergila duduk kat luar tu,"
"Kejap lagila,"

Mama could never tell what was running through my head at that time. No one could. Beneath my calm exterior, I was shaking like hell. I was scared to death. I am not ready for yet another bad news. We all are not.

Thank God by 6.20 a.m., Mama was allowed to go home. She didn't say anything to me. And I did not dare to ask. Up until now, my head is a mess.

***Updated: Alhamdulillah, Mama is doing OK right now. I think it was caused by all the hype and anxiety of her children falling sick one by one. Her blood pressure was quite high at that moment. Glad everything turned out fine. For those of you who prayed for Mama's health and who showed concern, thank you so very much.


  1. uurrgh, my blood pressure was rising in tandem with yr tale... susah kan when communication is not really encouraged, because of saving face, or not making a scene, or avoidance, or denial,, whatever... then all you can do is pendam... just don't let it fester, k?

    glad everything turned out okay for yr mother!

  2. ummi....OMG! i am relieved that Mama is certified ok.
    I pray she will contonue to be ok...and that you and your sisters are protected from any form of bad news.


    pakcik idham

  3. Ummi, I'm blog hopping from your 'pakcik' Idham. No wonder you call him pakcik. You're so young! Anyway, about your mama, pray for her good health... InsyaAllah...


  4. alhamdulillah.. rasanya tader apa apa yg merisaukan.. apapun.. bersabar.. and bismillahi tawakkaltu allallah..

  5. lynne: i'll try not to let it bother me very much. plus, she's doing kinda ok at the moment... thank God.

    pakcik idham: thank you so much for the prayers. we need it so much.

    neeza shahril: yeah, i could qualify as his daughter! mama is doing ok now, alhamdulillah

    lucky ball @ man: alhamdulillah...

  6. thnx God that ur mama is ok..
    suruh mama rehat selalu..
    cukupkan rehat..cukupkan tido..


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