Tuesday, March 25, 2008


There's one thing about myself that I wish I could just stop doing it. My habit to over-analyze everything and anything. Bad, bad habit. Why? Because over-analyzing could very well lead me into the web of misunderstanding and conflict. It happened, trust me. And of course, I get the 'Sensitive' trademark. It suits me to the T, I suppose, whats with my habit of over-analyzing every words said to me. Nature? Habit? Whatever. I wish I could just stop doing it. I wish I could just stop taking everything seriously. Eh. Not everything-la, of course!

Sometimes, it feels like I'm being selfish when those 'sensitive' moments come. One word, and it could change my day completely. One word, and I could be the one person you really want to avoid. One word, baby, only one word and I could be repeating it to you for the rest of your life, in a cynical tone, of course. Over-analyzing? Or is it me being super-sensitive and selfish? See, now I'm over-analyzing all these craps. I should just let it be, no?

But then again, it hurt some people. Me, being super-sensitive and over-analyzing. And so brutally honest (mak memang laser, nyah!). How did I ever get all that? Not genetically, I hope! This over-analyzing habit follows me everywhere I go, even to the movies! I would go like "Why like this?" or "Should he be doing that?" or "She's not suppose to say it that way" and so forth. Eh. Wait a sec! That's Mama! Ookaaayyy. Creepy. *winks*

I think the most appropriate thing to do right now is to apologize to some people who I've hurt by being a super-sensitive and over-analyzing b... err (ehem!)... girl. Sorry, guys! You should know me by now, no? When it happens the next time (which WILL happen), just ignore me. I'll come around myself. That's how I work. Fused brain. Maybe. *grins*


  1. Mee too!! sometimes.. errr.. many times hehehe... may be it's just me. Of course, I felt guilty after that. Should remind myself again and again.. be cool, never expect too much.. that kinda stuff..

  2. Ummi.....:-) maaf, pakcik terlupa nak wish Happy birthday pada 22 hb tu.
    so, "Happy Birthday! Semoga sukses dunia akhirat"

    pakcik pun ada juga penyakit over analyze ni...dan memang berjangkit dari my arwah ibu....she was also like that.
    Ada juga baik nya....kita lebih perihatin dengan perasaan org lain...:-)

    pakcik idham

  3. heyaaa...like i said to neeza..must b the weather..m into analyzing myself in my post ahahahh

  4. no worry la umi..
    akak have the same prob..

  5. Kak Neeza: Looks like we are not the only one with this err... 'habit'. I think most of us are like that, cuma nk mengaku tu je payah sikit, ye dop?

    Pakcik Idham: Thank you for the wish. A friend said to me that over-analyzing is not a problem, not a bad thing because it is just the way we look at life. Some people like to take it easy while some need to clarify things for his/her own peace of mind, don't you think so?

    Neome: I think that in life, it is fair for us to take a step back and look at our life in a different view so we could be more appreciative towards life and what it has to offer

    Kak Reen: see, most of us are the same la. Hehehe


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