Friday, March 21, 2008

the perfect wish...

Tomorrow, 22nd March, is my birthday. And someone made a really sweet wish, which is just perfect for me. It is more than I could ever imagine, more than I could ever hope for. I just LOVE it. To that someone, you know who you are, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. You really made my day.

Here's what he did...

for listening to all my grudges and complaints
for making me smile and laugh (even though you might not know it)
for just being there for me...

*ucehhh... kompem dia gelak ni*
Gelak la ko... still... THANKS... =P


  1. WO!!! thattttttt is awesomely shweeeeeet...u must b so very special to him ya :-)

    Happy Birthday Girl...sit back n relax n enjoy the day;-)

  2. Hepi Besday~
    Akak cam tau je saper yg buat..hehehe
    tgk yin yang ada nampak kat status YM someone itu...

  3. happy belated besday dear! sorry lambat wish. take care and moga sukses dalam idup dan dirahmati hingga ke akhirat. amin.


  4. happy belated birthday..

    take care :)

  5. alamak.. akak lambat wish.. Happy Birthday my dear.. tahu tak, bila akak tengok gambar-gambar tu.. you remind me of Siti Nurhaliza! Seriously.. ada iras Siti la Ummi ni... jangan Dato' K tersilap nanti dah la..

    Anyway, Akak wish you all the best for your future undertakings. Be happy and may success be in your way... :)

  6. To everyone,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, either belated or no, because for me, it's the thought that counts so thank you very much. =)

    Kak Reen: no komen. hahaha

    Kak Neeza: I get that a lot. hmm... long lost sister kot. lol


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